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Recap of Rodriguez vs. Waterson

From Audio: 318 - No Beef
Last Played: May 18, 2021
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Believe You Me combines the expertise of UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, and comedic stylings of stand-up comic Luis J. Gomez for some of the best MMA commentary on the internet.
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should be discussed. Make sure sure Michelle Watson. Come on. How could you not love Michelle Watson? She's awesome. She is. I love everything about her. She's so nice, she's so friendly, she's a mother, she's a great wife, she's a bad ass. And she's a hell of a fucking fire. She's been in there with all the best people on the planet, You know, her weight. Uh You know, you're one of j Check who else? I mean, the list goes on. If you didn't know bloody all of them, you don't get the job done saturday night. You're OK, marina Rodriguez is you know, she's a beast. She's the real deal she is. And she's going to be a really interesting edition too. Those top three by the top three, I mean, Rose, you wanna? And john whaley. Well, now they got fourth dance partner, because I believe she belongs to being those conversations after saturday night. She was just too much for Michelle. You know, Michelle. Certainly at the moment, she was using the sidekick a lot Now, the sidekick is a good kick to keep someone at bay, right? I would say I kicked all day. Just like push kicks. A lot of push, please don't don't hurt. And psychics don't necessarily hurt. Now, I know there's a lot of karate people that are probably gonna say, what are you talking about? Bush's can really hurt. Yeah, they can kind of machine front snap kick to the solar plexus will take the wind out of here, done properly. But a lot of times the teacher is a push, they push him away to keep distance. And the sidekick, a lot of times you're advancing forward, advancing like a step inside kick, I can kick someone off their feet. But a lot of time when you're moving backwards and your poop and you push that sidekick, Ally Michelle was doing its to maintain distance, to maintain range, to stop the fucking person coming forward and swarming you. I'm knocking your head off. Unfortunately for her, she wasn't able to do that at all time. Marina did unload quite a lot, landing with a lot of good shots. But again, Michelle, she's just so fucking tough. Even landed that head cake brought up the big swelling on the face of Rodriguez. I thought Michele did herself proud, but of course it was a really, really good performance from Marina Rodriguez. Yeah, I mean if we're gonna, Rodriguez comes in and and sets the division on fire and wins the title, then obviously it's almost like, you know, no shame for Michelle Waterson right? Um but look, she lasted all five rounds, she wasn't able to put her away, you know, I don't know if that is a you know, commentary on marina Rodriguez not be able to finish her or how tough Michelle Waterson is, but it was a really entertaining fight. Honestly, it was good. I I enjoyed it. I'm now a fan of marina Rodriguez, I didn't really know her before this fight. Um so yeah, I think she did because Michelle Waterson is also like at this point she's been around for a long time as well. You forget that Michelle Waterson is sort of a household name in the mixed martial arts community. So I think marina Rodriguez also just, it was a great opponent for her to sort of showcase herself. Oh yeah, yeah, no of course I had somebody reach out to me recently, I got all excited and tickled pink. The message started off, there's a very famous director, directs a lot of martial arts movies and says hi, I'm reaching out on behalf of directors such and such. He asked me to send you a message. He wants to get in touch and I'm like, oh, movie part. Here we go. Is that no? Trying to get hold of Michelle Watson, you motherfucker. That's not the message saying that, you know what I mean? I thought I thought I was landing a movie. Uh, yeah, Michelle's been around for, you know, not forever. But she's, she's, she's a solid addition. Couldn't get finished by your wanting. Andrzej, she's tough. She's really, really good. But, uh, wasn't a nice saturday night. What should we do next? She would discuss this nose break from Michael Benham page. Yeah, sure.
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