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Rob Van Dam to LMW podcast: "The whole wrestlers' court is ridiculous!"

From Audio: Ep. 30: Rob Van Dam
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Last Minute Wrestling Podcast
Last Played: October 04, 2021
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Talking with LMW's host Frank Mandolini, ECW original and all around wrestling legend Rob Van Dam tells:
- a JBL wrestlers’ court story;
- how he always hated the boys mentality;
- how CM Punk acted as a self-appointed locker room leader.
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here to add up. But unless you live in a smoke free building, you're not exactly home free, secondhand smoke drifting through the cracks in the walls or sink drains, carries toxic chemicals that can damage your lungs. And right now, lung health is key, go to tobacco free CIA dot com to learn how to stay safe. And uh, I think my name would never be dropped because, like you said, I never, I never, I never wanted to just be around the boys. You know, like, it's crazy. Like sometimes Katie will have a whole bunch of girls over here at the house and they're all like, they're, they're all taking pictures by the pool wearing very little if that, and then, and you know, and you know, it's, it's cool and then one of them will say, poor rob, he's by himself, Do you want me to call my boyfriend over? So you got someone to hang out with? I'm like, hell no, that doesn't increase my fun at all. And a lot of the wrestlers just love being around the boys so much that, you know, they have their own secret society set of rules. You know, remember you said not mentioning names, but jBl JBL all the rumors that you, who wants her nose, Everyone's, everyone's heard of how he is. You know, I've seen him, I've had him smack my ass, you know, you know, like a good game. Like he would do that. He did that so much, not just to me to everybody after a while, it wasn't funny. It was, you know, a few times will be a jug, but he's done that like over and over and over and over. I think he's getting something out of it. I don't know. But uh, one of the first trips that I was on with the company, um, he told the referee to WCW referee Billy Silverman, uh took him to this kangaroo court. He made some often, you know, the whole wrestler court, you know, I think that thing's ridiculous. You know, I would never put that on. I walked in one time and I just rolled my, I said oh fuck this and I just laughed because it's like it's the most to me that's like so not, I'm not one of the boys in that way I guess. You know, I don't know. I'm one of a kind of one of the reasons why anyway, in this Pressler's court, JBl uh allegedly to a Billy Silverman that he had to supply beer for the entire roster for the rest of this international trip that we were on. And he said if he didn't, if he didn't then he said he was gonna fuck him in the ass. Uh huh. Okay. Okay. Well that's a allegedly billy silver medal. Yeah Silverman quit And he sued W. W. E. for sexual harassment. That was 2001 when I first got there. Oh well yeah. Immediately after E. C. W. Closed the door. So you you just arrived to a new company and you see that? Oh well. Yeah. So so you're not only you're telling me that wrestlers court is real, It's a real thing, but it's probably probably worse than than we all imagined as fans. Um. Yeah. And honestly it's like it's kind of I relate I relate locker room mentality to being like in middle school. That's why that's why I rejected, you know what I mean? I couldn't believe like I've been gone for a while. Maybe this is what I probably went, I blew my knee out. I had to take 2005 off. It was probably during that time I've been gone for a while and when I came back, all of us, you know, uh cm Park? Who? It seems like he's just been I don't remember being around that long before I left and I left and when I came back like sam punks like telling everybody that he's calling a locker room meeting and I was like, what the fuck is he? Like, he was like a two guys and he's calling a locker room meeting. And I was like, are you serious? You know, that doesn't have anything to do with you. And I think he did it twice. I think you know once was because somebody who was allegedly stealing like that happened a couple times when I was there, where they say the boys were stealing from the boy, she was missing in the bags and they knew it wasn't a building person somehow. That happened a couple of times and then they would go to wrestlers court and you know, I can understand where they would want to take their own vigilante justice out one way or another or something like that. But another time I think it was, I think Phil, um, uh, he called a meeting because I was leaving the dressing rooms messy, wanted, I wanted to clean up and again, he said it didn't include me and I was like, I don't, I don't have whatever that is inside to like to play the politics at all, definitely not not to put myself in a position like that. It was just like, I'm sure I can bump this guy out of locker room leader if I really wanted to. Uh, yeah. So what was that restless court? Just just in that locker room?
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