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Robert and Carrie Discuss Their Plan for Investigating "The Institute"

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Robert and Carrie brainstorm the best way to learn more about what happened to the mysterious burned man they saw before the collapse of Ezekiel Cain's bunker, including talking to escapees of "The Institute." The investigative duo are fearful of who they have to interview and what they might find, but nothing will stop them from getting answers about the tunnels that run underneath their small Georgia town.
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It's been nearly three months since the events that Ezekiel compound happened, and we are no closer to finding out what happened as we were on that day. Ezekiel is presumed dead. His followers or family, as he called him, have scattered, leaving the property abandoned. The police officially ruled the bunker collapsed. An accident in the case is closed. Now, Carrie and I have both been trying to track down anything. We could find out about what we saw before the collapse, but so far we haven't found anything. All we know for certain is that we are sure of what we saw. That is something we haven't wavered on. No matter how many times we've been told, we couldn't have seen that burned man. Where do we go from here? I don't know. The only things I found out about Ezekiel is the same stuff he told us when we talked to him. Which stuff? About how he came to Griffin helped clear the land at the institute. That stuff maybe we're looking in the wrong direction. Maybe we've exhausted everything we can on Ezekiel at the moment, at least until we get some more info. Maybe we need to look harder at the place that got him started on his mission. The institute? Exactly. But we already know everything about Annabelle. That seemed important. Maybe, Maybe not. But Annabelle wasn't the only one caught up in this whole thing. There were other patients. George Lock, for instance, is serving up life in prison somewhere. And Molly Madison and Richard Boyd were both never found. Most people assume they're dead. Most people thought the same thing about Pete Davis as well. And we know how wrong they were. The only two we know are dead or Annabelle Continent. Oliver Hamilton. Have you had any luck contacting him? Who? Pete Davis. No, I tried his email address. He contacted me with, but so far nothing. Okay, so let's focus on the escapees. Maybe there was a reason Annabelle chose those forward to escape with her. That's what I'm thinking. You could talk to Miss Gregg's again. I know she was our expert on animal, but as much research as she put in Annabelle, she must have some info on the others. And I can work my magic in the archives to see what I can find on, and I can try to get in touch with Amy again. Amy, wait a me The crazy lady who cussed you out and hung up on you. That would be her. That didn't go so well for you last time. What makes you think she'll talk to you now? I don't. But maybe she'll talk to you. Me? Look, I pushed her too hard. She'll probably never trust me again. I mean, I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem like it. Not the way we ended our call. But part of me thinks she couldn't wait to tell me about Molly like she did. And maybe she'll do the same about the other ones. And you think I'm the right person to talk to her? It couldn't hurt. Besides the two of you, the two of us. What? Um, spit it out. Well, the two of you both know what it's like for me to push too hard on certain subject matters. You can both bond about how big of an asshole it can be sometimes, huh? All right. If you can figure out how to contact her again, I'm up to talking to her. Sounds like a plan. So we know what we're doing now. If I said sort of, would that be a problem? Not in the slightest. Good luck. Same to you.