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Rules Amongst the Russian Mafia

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They say there is no honor among thieves, but there's certainly honor in the Russian Mafia. After all, something that has to put the organized in organized. crime. However, that type of honor can't be extended to everyone.
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in, in the, the language, there's a jargon of the very, the Russian word you, the people is only used for other very so in other words, if you're not a criminal, you're not even a Person. And then also this is the one I mentioned, the tattoos. This is a subculture that was very much also determined by this, this visual visual language of tattoos. Um the phenomenally sort of intricate, often um encoding on the body of their preferences where they've been to prison, what crimes they committed, what their attitudes were. And this is something that she came Out to really the late 19th century, the so called arab spring near the thieves world, which is this criminal culture that had emerged really in the slums of rapidly emerging and industrializing um urban czarist Russia and they actively sought to turn their back on mainstream society. I mean, one of the reasons why if you compare it to say the japanese, yakuza that have their own tattoo language, but they're always on the body and on the upper arm so that basically you can wear a shirt or even a tennis shirt and conceal the fact that you're Yakuza, the vore tattoos were very, very clearly meant to be visible. You know, you've had sometimes extraordinary things like um tattooing barbed wire across the forehead or different sort tattoos on the hands and on the knuckles and in part that's because that's your kind of criminal resume, but also in part it's an indelible because this is the age before laser removal, an indelible mark that basically I turn my back on mainstream society, you know who I am, fear me. So this was this very distinct encapsulated society that became vastly more powerful and integrated during the era of stalinism and we had millions of soviet citizens being thrown into the labor camps where they were dominant and over time and then this is something we can talk about. Later. They had a split and what became a dominant faction decided that it could at least work with corrupt officials and so forth. But even so, there is still this, this sense that they were.