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Run a campaign to donate your knowledge!

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There is the need to capture all the learning our teachers have to offer, most of us simply sleep with all the knowledge, today we the means to store the learnding digitally and it is possible to create an Edbank - a repository of all the learning. This is like on teacher teaching another and helping the world become a better place.
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uh huh. Should we all run a campaign of donate your knowledge, just like we see campaigns asking us to donate our eyes or plasma these days, Every educator should pledge to archive their knowledge on some digital format or the other. They could simply do facebook live or podcast like this one and train their fellow teachers on certain subjects of their expertise. It's more like one teacher teachers, another teacher. Imagine the outcome. And you will be surprised that so much could be done with just learning from peers. I'd like to conclude in complete agreement with what our veteran educationist madam, Shukla Bose, wrote in one of her op ed in the post covid 19 era more will be demanded by our teachers and we need to prepare them for it. Are teachers may have to do a lot more than just show up in the classroom. Teachers have to rediscover themselves as counselors and healers to deal with the uncertainties that the Children are facing. The question to ask is how do we as a nation prepare ourselves for this onerous task and do it well.