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S2 E27 - Autistic Burnout Warning Signs

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Is it exhaustion? Is it depression? Is it something physical? Could it be Autistic Burnout? I am sharing some of the TOP 20 Warning Signs You May be In Autistic Burnout today to help you discover if this is what you are or have experienced in your autistic life. Learn what autistic burnout is, what it can look like and feel like and what the next step is in your journey.
YOU ARE INVITED to join your MYAB friends this Saturday, July 24th at 2pm EST for CELEBRATION SATURDAY where we come together to celebrate all things autistic in a safe and loving space.
There are 7 forms of rest other than the passive physical form of sleep. These 7 other forms of rest are critical to autistic burnout restoration and knowing how to incorporate them into your life to prevent chronic cycle burnout, the temporary meltdowns and shutdowns we often live with is vital.
Knowing how we as neurodistinct people sleep and what we need to be aware of in order to get the deep restorative sleep that we need especially during burnout is exactly what I will be sharing more in-depth on in the Rest is MORE than Sleep mini course. It is exclusively available on the new Autastic platform created by a collaboration of late identified autistcs by us for us. Join the waiting list today to be the first in the doors on August 1st to get access to this course and so much more.
I am personally inviting you to join us. We are so thrilled to share this new way to connect and get the resources, advice, community and social engagement you want from some of the biggest advocates and coaches you know and love and a few new ones we are thrilled to introduce you to. Join us today.
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