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S.4 Ep. 9 The Murder of Tawnee Baird

station description Beyond the Rainbow Podcast a.k.a. Rainbow Crimes is a show about crimes committed b... read more
Beyond The Rainbow Podcast - True Crimes of the LGBT
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Duration: 21:39
Beautiful, playful 21 year old Tawnee Baird's life was taken by someone she loved and trusted. Proud member of The Oracl3 NetworkPromo by Dos SpookquenosWebsite: Beyondtherainbowpodcast.comDomestic Violence Hotline: 800.799.SAFE (7233)Resources:

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Beautiful, playful 21 year old Tawnee Baird's life was taken by someone she loved and trusted. Proud member of The Oracl3 NetworkPromo by Dos SpookquenosWebsite: Beyondtherainbowpodcast.comDomestic Violence Hotline: 800.799.SAFE (7233)Resources:
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50 years old. Any information should be directed to the Carrollton police department at area code 7708344451 To be perfectly honest with you Rainbow warriors. This episode's victim tugs hard onto my heartstrings. I think it's because the young lady reminds me so much of my own daughter. It's not just because both my daughter and the victim being adorable blonde girls with big blue eyes but the victim and my daughter both had similar aspirations and dreams, Tony Baird who was just 21 at the time she was murdered. Still had a lifetime of new experiences ahead of her. She had dreams of living in Los Angeles and being a star singing was her jam. However, Thani's dreams were annihilated by someone she loved and trusted. So let's start at the beginning and learn a little bit about Tony's life and who she was Tony was born and raised in a suburb of Salt Lake city Utah. She had two sisters and a brother. Her parents, Casey and dana divorced when Tony was very young, dana remarried, giving Tanya new step Dad and two step brothers, Tony loved animals and she can be found in more recent photos loving on a big gray tabby cat. She had a good childhood and she was lovingly called ladybug. Her blended family was very close and she spent a lot of time with them. This included living with her grandma and bountiful Utah for a bit. That's how Tawny met one of her very best friends Lacey and I like to credit lacey at this time for giving me so much insight into Tony's life. Reaching out to people who knew the victim can be a little bit scary because you know, they've lost someone who meant the world to him. But as a podcaster you do it because you want to be able to tell the victim's story as accurately as possible so far, thankfully no one has told me to fuck off lacey. If you're listening, just know how much I appreciate the information you gave me as a teenager, Tony did what most teenagers do. She experimented with liquor and marijuana At the age of 17, her and a few of her friends who were just a tiny bit older, they were 18, got busted by a cop as they sat in a car smoking weed from a bomb, Tony took the blame and ownership for all of it. She thought since she was under 18, the law wouldn't punish her as harshly. She was that friend, the friend who took one for the team because she loved her friends and she didn't want them to be in trouble. Tony ended up having to spend some time in a youth treatment center At the center. She met 18 year old Victoria Mendoza Tony who was vivacious, bubbly fun, loved to tease and joke around with people was the polar opposite of introverted, withdrawn and reserved victoria, but they somehow were attracted to each other. Kind of like the moth to the flame Tony had never been in a same sex relationship before. Victoria check plenty a guy friends and had boyfriends previously. But something drew her to victoria possibly it was the vulnerability she felt being away from her family and friends. The young women bonded over music, broody. Victoria would write lyrics and Tani would sing them after several months of being in the facility with victoria, Tony was released. Her in victoria wrote letters to each other. Tony would always stay in her letters. She was waiting for victoria while in the centre, victoria was given the news that her mother had an aggressive cancer and she didn't have much longer to live. However, when the time came for victoria to be released, she went right to Tawny and not her ailing mother. And yes, as a mother, this really bothered me. Go see your mother kid. But Tony was first and foremost on victoria's mind. It seemed they were equally smitten with one another and a relationship, no, an actual domestic partnership formed between the two young women. Many of Tony's friends began to drift away from her When she got together with victoria, they didn't really like victoria much and they didn't think she was good for their sweet Tawny. one friend that hung in there though was Lacey
she then somehow got behind the will and guided the car to a church parking lot in West ogden, A church she attended as a child. She stopped the car, got out and proceeded to call her sister Cindy. She told Cindy she hurt Tani real bad. Cindi arrived at the church parking lot, saw Tani slumped over in the car and called 911. When emergency services arrived, Tani was pronounced dead on the scene, victoria was apprehended and taken to the police station. Victoria claimed Tani while driving, smacked her and pulled her hair and that's why victoria's snapped. Mind you Lacey Tony's friend never saw Tony ever get physically aggressive towards victoria, which of course makes me feel Victoria's lying the same way she lied about what happened to Thani's tooth. A medical examiner Said Tony was stabbed 46 times. Many of the wounds were superficial, but it was still an exorbitant amount. The proverbial overkill if you will, it was determined that Tawny died from shock and bleeding out. Which to me means if victoria had tended to Thani's wounds after inflicting them, she might have been able to keep Tony alive until E. M. T. Arrived and they could take over. I think victoria killed Tony twice, first by inflicting the wounds and second by just letting her bleed out. Victoria was charged with first degree murder. She was held without bail until her preliminary trial. A psych evaluation was ordered on victoria but the final ruling was that victoria was mentally fit to stand trial for the murder of her girlfriend In November of 2015 over a year after Victoria attacked and killed Tawny, her trial wrapped up during the trial process. She had several outbursts, including one where she threatened suicide because everyone was against her victoria pleaded guilty of murdering her girlfriend. Tani baird on the stand speaking to Tony's family and the judge victoria admitted I'm the monster here during the victim impact statements Tony's dad. Casey pleaded with the judge, give victoria life sentence with no possibility of parole. Thani's aunt said jealousy is the devil and it will kill it's Vicki's fault. She stabbed her and killed her. Why should she get one free day to be with the trees and the sky? When Tawny cannot, Victoria's sentence was 16 years to life. Her first parole hearing is scheduled 2039, which will have been 24 years served. Is this a fair sentence for taking another young life? If Tani were my daughter, I'd say, fuck no another question I have. Will victoria be reformed after she is considered for parole again. Mine a say herself believe she's not going to receive the anger management training or any skills that could help her not to snap again when she gets jealous or mad. Therefore she's still going to be a danger to society and to any future woman she might get with. If victoria were able to get that type of service in prison to help her with her anger and impulse control, then maybe just maybe parole would be okay, But not after 24 years, 24 years for taking the life of a beautiful young woman destined to do great things in life personally. I hope she doesn't get out. And yes, I'm not a crime junkie. I'm a crime judgy. Thanks for listening Rainbow Warriors. I love you guys. Remember. It's not a crime to be gay unless you're a murderer.
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