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SAG-AFTRA Foundations Conversation: Conversations with Eddie Murphy (2019)

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Eddie Murphy talks SNL, only doing one audition, and getting an early start in standup comedy
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That is the fastest state innovation I have ever seen in my life. They were on their feet instantly. Does that just happen? Everywhere you go like you walk into Starbucks and everyone e go to the coffee bean Coffee bean is gonna be sending you some free certificates when I say this. Thank you so much for being here. This is actually an audience entirely made up of SAG actors. E always like to start at the beginning by asking How did you get your SAG card? 40 eight hours. That's right. You have kind of a unique story. My first movie was 48 hours or so. I got my sexually Oh, making like a feedback. Is it OK, e trying to fix That s Sam practice digging into my e o. It sounds ok to me now is it s so much better. Eso 48 hours was my first movie, E because there's this crazy story that I learned that sort of upset your co stars at the Dolomite screening. You've only ever auditioned once in your life that makes all actors nuts. E you understand? What? What do you mean? One? I got an audition for SNL when I was 18 and, uh, that was my audition. But in fairness, it was a series of auditions, right? Well, it was, too. It was three, maybe three little callbacks. But it was all you know, only audition for one showed up. That's amazing. Really, really lucky. Was it at least a really bad audition so that we can feel a little better? E. O. Actually want to go back to the beginning? Because I know you grew up in New York and it's not like you had any family connections to the industry. When did you know that you wanted to do comedy? I was always funny guy on when I heard Richard Pryor and s album, he did in 1974 called That Nigger's Crazy. When I heard that album, I was like, Oh, that's that's who I am E. That's what I'm gonna do on how old were you then? 14. Wow. And you really did start doing stand up comedy at a really young age 18. When I started Who let you up there? Well, there were bars and stuff. You could work and back then there was a show called the gong show a lot of bars. All the local bars were having, like, local talent. Gang show night. You could go up in, like, when? $25. My brother Charlie told me you'd go down, Mr Hicks. Place to have, like, a talent show. You could win 25 dollars e went down a little impressions, actually. Put the mascara and my mustache. Sunglasses. They let me in. Wow. You were trying to look older. I thought I was e very odd.