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Scared Of Singing?

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Learn what it takes to overcome your fears so that you can get your singing career going.
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I was like a was like a car singer. Like I did it. Yeah, And like people, you know, my friends from high school. When they found out I was playing music, they were like, What? Like you never saying you weren't inquire, you weren't You weren't doing any of that kind of stuff before, So I really came to it late and I think a decent amount out of fear. You know, I definitely it's kind of scary opening your mouth, attempting to seeing if you're not brought up with that, and my family is not musical at all. So it was like by hidden secret, and I would my friend, he was in high school. He would loan me his guitar, and I would take his guitar home at night and sit in my house, and it sends quietly attempt to play like hidden Lee in the closet, like very, uh, interesting kind of way to come at it. But I I have a friend to, um Aylin Aereo. She she had a similar experience with singing where she, like, was scared to do it and just didn't really do it in front of people until, you know, her later years of 1920 21. And I had a very similar kind of experience with it, where I was just terrified. Honestly, though, listening to those older recordings I'm like, no wonder I was terrified was just whack. So, like shit takes practice. Yeah, and that's the thing to when people think about singing. They're like, It's this natural God given talent you're like to a certain extent. Yes, there is tone. There's your natural bodily tone, but like it's fucking practice, you have to sit there and practice and to know where your voice is because it's not. It's not an instrument like a guitar, where you can see what you're doing, very internal and mental to have to feel where it's vibrating in your body, and you're also hearing yourself in the same area as it's being produced. So you're kind of not getting the accurate picture. It's 100% true, like anybody learning to do music. And if they ask me advice, I'm like, Listen to yourself, record it. It's the most painful thing you'll do, and you'll have that self doubt moment. We're like, Oh my God, why I give up all the things. But if you can really get yourself to an early stage of, like, an objective looking at that that you made like, you're going to be so much further along in the end. So we started doing that in Gypsy Moon near the end, we would record our shows, and I would just sit in the back of the van cringing at certain moments. But then when I would go back the next day and play those shows, I knew those certain moments in which I was maybe flat on a word or a word came out wrong or something like that, and I'd be like, conscious of that while I was singing so