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SCP-049: Plague Doctor

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10 of the Most Unbelievable SCP Foundation Stories Secure. Contain. Protect. The SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs). Compiled of documents and tales from the SCP Foundation archives, this playlist includes some of the most intriguing SCPs that have been discovered. These podcasts recount the stories of the scariest, most worrisome, and most unbelievable SCPs ever documented. Vurbl Paranormal: Tales of the Weird, Mysterious & Spooky
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SCP-049 presents as a plague doctor from circa the 15th century. While SCP-049 contains a humanoid skeleton underneath its thick cloak and ceramic mask, these garments appear to be growing out of SCP-049's body.
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item number SCP 049 Object Class Euclid Special containment procedures SCP 049 is contained within a standard Secure humanoid containment selling research sector 02 at site 19 SCP 049 Must be sedated before any attempts to transport it during transport. SCP 049 must be secured within the Class three humanoid restriction harness, including a locking collar and extension restraints and monitored by no fewer than two armed guards, while SCP 049 is generally cooperative with most foundation personnel outburst or sudden changes in behavior to be met with elevated force. Under no circumstances should any personnel come into direct contact with SCP 049 during these outbursts in the event SCP 049 becomes aggressive, the application of lavender l multi feta has been shown to produce a calming effect on the entity. Once calmed, SCP 049 generally becomes compliant and will return to containment with little resistance in order to facilitate the ongoing containment of SCP 049 The entity is to be provided with the corpse of a recently deceased animal, typically a bovine or other large mammal. Once every two weeks, for study corpses that become instances of SCP 049-2 are to be removed from SCP 04 nine's containment cell and incinerated SCP 049 is no longer permitted to interact with human subjects and request for human subjects are to be denied Temporary containment procedure Update See addendum 49.3 per Containment Committee order 049 dot s 19.17 dot one SCP 049 is no longer permitted to interact directly with any members of foundation staff, nor that can be provided with any additional corpses to be used in its surgeries. This order shall persist indefinitely until such time, a consensus regarding the ongoing containment of SCP 049 can be reached description. SCP 049 is a human identity roughly 1.9 m in height, which bears the appearance of a medieval plague doctor Well SCP 049 appears to be wearing the thick robes and the ceramic mask indicative of that profession. The garments instead seem to have grown out of SCP 04 nines body over time and are now nearly indistinguishable from whatever form is beneath them. X rays indicate that despite this, SCP 049 does have a humanoid skeletal structure beneath its outer layer. SCP 049 is capable of speech and variety of languages but tend to prefer English or medieval French, while SCP 049 is generally cordial and cooperative with foundation staff, it can become especially irritated or at times outright aggressive. It feels it is in the presence of what it calls the pestilence. Although the exact nature of this pestilence is currently unknown foundation researchers, it does seem to be an issue of immense concern. To SCP 049 s C P 049 will become hostile with individuals. It ceases being affected by the pestilence, often having be restrained should it encounters such. If left unchecked, SCP 049 will generally attempt to kill any such individual. SCP 049 is capable of causing all biological functions of an organism deceased through direct skin contact. How this occurs is currently unknown in autopsies of SCP 049 victims have invariably been inconclusive. SCP 049 has expressed frustration or remorse after these killings, indicating that they have done little to kill the pestilence. They will usually seek to them perform a crude surgery on the corpse, using the implements contained within a black doctor's bag. It carries on its person at all times. While these surgeries are not always successful, they often result in the creation of instances of SCP 049-2 SCP 049-2 instances are reanimated corpses that have been operated on by SCP 049 These instances do not seem to retain any of their prior members or mental functions, having only basic motor skills and response mechanisms. While these instances are generally inactive, moving very little and in a generally ambulatory fashion, they have become extremely aggressive and provoked or if directed by SCP. 049 S C. P. 049-2 instances expressed active biological functions, though these are vastly different from currently understood human physiology. Despite these alterations, SCP 049 often remarks its subjects have been cured. Addendum 0491 Discovery SCP 049 was discovered in the investigation of a series of unknown disappearances in the town of Montauban in southern France during a raid on a local home. Investigators found several instances of SCP 049-2 as well as SCP 049 Well, law enforcement personnel engaged the hostile 049-2 instances. SCP 049 was noted as watching the engagement and taking notes in its journal. After all of the 049-2 instances were dispatched. SCP 049 willingly entered foundation custody. The following interview was conducted by Dr Raymond Ham during the initial investigation. Yeah, Manalo whiskey, comas. Will he be able polenta? Is that French? Can we get a translator? The king's English. No need for transitions there. I can speak it well enough. Good. My name is Dr Cam and I'm a doctor. I like minded individual know that? Where is your specialities? Great biology. Why a medical man such as myself Wonders abound. And here I worried I had been abducted by common street drugs. This place and is your laboratory. I had wondered, as clean as it is and with such little trace of the pestilence here, Pestilence. What do you mean? The scourge, The great dying. Come now you know the What do they call it? Uh, no matter the pestilence. Yes, it abounds outside these walls. You know, so many have account and many more will continue to until such time as a perfect cure can be developed. Fortunately, I am very close. It is my duty in life to rid the world of it. You see the cure to end all cures when you say the great dying. Are you talking about the bubonic plague? I don't know what that is. I see. Right? Well, the entities are agents encountered at that house. They were dead. When you encounter them, yes, you re animated them in a manner of speaking. Use these things to simply Doctor. Expand your horizons. Life and death, sickness and health. These are amateur terms for amateur physicians. There is only one ailment that exists in the world of men. And that is the pestilence and nothing else. Make no mistake. They were very ill. All of them. You think you cured those people? Indeed, my cure is most effective. Things we recovered were not human. Yes, well, it is not a perfect cure, but that will come with time and further experimentation. I have spent a lifetime developing my methods Dr Ham. And we'll spend a lifetime more if necessary. Now we have wasted too much time. There is work to do. I will require a laboratory of my own. One way I can continue my research unimpeded. And assistance? Of course. No, I can't provide those on my own in time. I don't think our organization would be willing to. Nonsense. We're all men of science. Retro coat and show me to my quarters. Doctor, Our work begins now. Mm hmm. Addendum 0492 Observation log while in containment at site 19, SCP 049 has spent considerable