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SCP-087: The Stairwell

Last Played: October 08, 2021
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From the archives of the SCP Foundation: SCP-087, also known as "The Stairwell". Contains SCP-087-1. Includes transcripts of Exploration I in Document 087-I. Other Explorations and subsequent Documents can be found in the rest of the episode.
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warning the foundation databases. Classified unauthorized access will result entertainment. Within this archive, you'll find the procedures, descriptions and accounts of the most notorious anomalies we've encountered to date. Secure Contain Protect item number SCP 087 Object class. You could special containment procedures. SCP 087 is located on the campus of the doorway leading the SCP Dash 087 is constructed of reinforced steel with an electoral release lock mechanism. It has been disguised to resemble a janitorial closet consistent with the design of the building. The lock mechanism on the door knob will not release unless Boulter applied in conjunction with the counterclockwise rotation of the key. The inside of the door is lined with six centimetres of industrial foam padding. Do the results of the final exploration See document 087-4 No personnel are permitted. Access to SCP Dash 087 Description SCP 087 is an unlit platform Staircase. Stairs descend on a 38 degree angle for 13 steps before reaching a semi circular platform of approximately three m in diameter. Descend directly rotates 180 degrees to each platform. The design of SCP 087 limits subjects to a visual range of approximately one point by flights. The light source is required for any subject exploring SCP 087 Is there no lighting fixtures or windows? Present lighting sources brighter than 75 watts have shown to be ineffective as SCP 087 seems to absorb excess light subjects. Report and audio recordings confirmed the distress vocalization from what is presumed to be a child between the ages of and the source of the distress calls is estimated to be located approximately 200 m below the initial platform. However, any attempts to descend the staircase have failed to bring subjects closer to the source. The depth of dissent, calculated from exploration for the longest exploration, is shown to be far beyond both. The possible structure of both the building and geological surroundings at this time is unknown of SCP. Dash 087 has an end point. SCP 087 has undergone four video recorded explorations by Class D personnel. You've subject conducting the exploration is encountered SCP 087-1 which appears as a face with no visible pupils, nostrils or mouse. The nature of SCP destroyed 7-1 is entirely unclear, but it has been determined it is not the source of the pleading subjects. Exhibit feelings of intense paranoia and fear when faced with SCP 087-1 But it is undetermined whether said feelings are abnormal or simply natural reactions. Addendum Over a period of two weeks following exploration four, several members of the staff and students from the campus report knocking at a variable rate of 1 to 2 seconds per knock. Coming from the interior of SCP 087 The door leading to SCP 087 has been fitted with six centimetres thick industrial patting. All reports of knocking have ceased. Authorized personnel may refer to document 087-1 through 087-4 for transcripts of explorations. One through four. Okay, document number 087-1 Exploration one D, Dash 8432 is a 43 year old Caucasian male of average build an appearance and un remarkable psychological background. Class D designation as a result of the motion due to mishandling SCP Dash D Dash 8432 is equipped with a 75 watch flood lamp with battery power capable of lasting 24 hours. A handheld camcorder fitted with a transmission stream. And an audio headset for communication with Dr at Control D Dash 8432 steps through the doorway unto initial platform. Despite the wattage, the flood lamp only illuminates the first nine steps. The second platform is not visible. The first voice on the recording is that of D Dash 8432 The second is Doctor. Mhm, mhm. It's fucking dark. Is your flood lamp functioning properly? B Dash 8432 shines the light out the door and into the academic buildings hallway. The light reaches significantly further. Yeah, it's working. It just won't like these stairs all the way down. Thank you. Please continue. D Dash a 432 dissents for 13 steps before reaching the second platform. The platform is in the shape of a semicircle with apparently concrete service and walls. There are no distinct markings aside from nondescript patches of dust, dirt or where consistent with that which is found in a typical concrete stairwell. D Dash 8432 rotates 180 degrees to begin. descent down the second flight, then pauses. Reason for stopping. You hear that? There's a fucking kid down here? Sounds like one. None of the described audio is feeding through the camera or mic at this time. Can you please describe the sound? It's young, either female or a very young boy. It's crying and sobbing insane. Please, no, please. Yeah, he's repeating that and crying. Can you estimate its distance from your current location? Oh, fuck. I don't know. Maybe 200 m down. Please continue Down the next flight, the subject descends Another 13 steps as he reaches the landing audio of the child is described as picked up. The child alternate between sobbing, wailing and the words Please help him down here. The level of audio is consistent with the Dash 8/4 reaches reported it being approximately 200 m below. Can you still hear the crying? Yeah, we're picking it up as well. Please continue down. Stop. If you notice any changes in the audio or environment, the subject descends another three flights of stairs before stopping. Keep going, please. The dash 8432 continues another 17 flights total of 22 flights before stopping. There are no visual changes in the environment, and each flight has been a consistent 13 steps. I'm not getting any fucking closer to that kid. Stereo Audio confirms that the crying noise has not increased in volume and remains approximately 200 m below the subject noted. Please continue. The subject continues another 28 flights before stopping 50 Total d Dash 8432 is standing on. The 51st landed, cutting the initial ground level landing dash 8432 is estimated to be 200 m below the initial platform. 34 minutes have elapsed. The volume of the crying has not increased. I feel a little uneasy. You've spent a long time in a dark, unknown stairwell. It's natural. Please continue. The subject hesitates before stepping down the next stare. As the subject moves forward, the flood lamp illuminates the face. Located approximately the bottom of the flight. SCP 087-1 It appears to be the same size and shape as a human head, except as lacking a mouth, nostrils and pupils. The face is completely motionless. What is making direct eye contact indicating its awareness of D dash 432 Fuck! What was that shit? Holy fucking shit! What the fuck? Can you please describe what you see? Some sort of fucking person face thing, and it's fucking looking right at me. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! It's looking right at me. Is it moving? No, it's just looking at me. Fuck! Fuck! Fucking screaming! Please approach and further illuminate the entity. God, I don't want to fuck you. The face jerks forward about 50 centimeters directly toward dash 8432-8432 enters a panicked state and rapidly ascends SCP 087 dash 8432 reaches the ground floor in 18 minutes, at which time he collapses and passes them. There's no sign of SCP 087-1 review. The footage indicates an equal number of flights and steps ascending as descending audio of the crying. Completing remains the same volume until the last flight, at which point it ceases. Medical reports indicate collapsed as a result of the rapid ascension of the stairs, causing fatigue
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