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Sea Hunt It's Still Alive

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Sea Hunt It's Still Alive Listen to segments from Scuba Shack Radio where we review an episode from the classic series "Sea Hunt" Scuba Shack Radio
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Sea Hunt was a great TV show from 1958 to 1961. There were 155 episodes. Sea Hunt starred Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson, an ex-Navy fogman who would travel around the world seeking adventure.
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this uh if you're of such an age or you're a big enthusiasts of diving, you can recognize that song and that is the theme song for Sea Hunt. And uh I'm going to be introducing a recurring segment here on scuba shack radio called Sea Hunt. It's still alive and in future podcast we're going to talk about an episode of of Sea Hunt that will review but today I just want to introduce this new feature and give everybody a little bit of a background on on Sea Hunt. I remember when I was very young I would watch Sea Hunt on the tv at my grandma's house and she lived right a couple across the street and we would go up there and we'd watch Sea Hunt. And Sea Hunt was a T. V. Show that ran for four seasons and premiered in 1958 and ran through 1961. And there were 155 episodes of the show produced. Um the show was produced by more Frederick and Maurice Ziv and it was that they were the executive producers. And it was also produced by Herbert Stock and Ivan Tors and Ivan Tors was really the inspiration for Sea Hunt. And he came up with The idea after working on a film called the Underwater Warriors. And that film was in 1958 and it was about the Navy underwater demolition team. Uh that would be uh and that will be for another time. Uh if you don't know it. Ivan tours also produced things like flipper and Doctor and gentle Ben. Now the theme song was composed by David Rose and David Rose also wrote some songs for things like bonanza and Little House on the Prairie's and Highway to Heaven. So a lot of interesting background on sea hunt. Now, Lloyd Bridges was cast as Mike nelson who was an ex navy frogman. Uh And uh the show was a little bit of a comeback for Lloyd Bridges. He was on the black list from the House on un american activities from the fifties. Um And you know, at the end of the show, Lloyd would talk a little bit and often talk about protecting the marine environment even way back way back then there are a lot of famous actors who appeared before. They were famous became household names on Sea Hunt and we'll go through those from time to time as we come across some of the episodes, The show was filmed in a number of places including Marine Land of the Pacific, which was in operation from 1954 to 1987, who was also filmed off a Catalina Island Paradise cove, in Malibu, uh Silver springs, florida, cypress gardens, florida, tarpon springs, florida. And then they also um uh did some shows down in Nassau and in grand Bahamas um In its first nine months. Uh CNN went to number one in the ratings in 50 major cities and uh it also had 59% of the viewers in new york city's. Um After four years, they said that uh Lloyd kind of got tired of the storylines, and uh and so so it ended in 1961. So next time we'll start at the end and we're going to talk about the final episode of Sea Hunt, so stay tuned for that. Um There was an attempt at a revival of Sea Hunt and called Sea Hunt 1987 and it started uh Ron Ely as Mike nelson. You might remember Ronnie, I think he played Tarzan on one of the shows, and it also had an actress called kim Sessions, who was Jennifer Nelson, which was Mike's daughter. It lasted one year, and really hard to find anything about uh sea hunt 1987, except some, some cursory information online. So, stay tuned, We're going to do a recurring segment here. Not every show, but from time to time, we will come up with Sea Hunt, It's Still Alive