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Sea Hunt It's Still Alive - Round Up

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Sea Hunt It's Still Alive Listen to segments from Scuba Shack Radio where we review an episode from the classic series "Sea Hunt" Scuba Shack Radio
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We start our new segment with the end. The final episode of Sea Hunt from 1961. Round Up is Mike's last adventure. A classic end to a classic show.
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in the last episode, I introduced a recurring segment that I'm gonna do here called Sea Hunt. It's still Alive and today we're going to start at the end, the final episode of Sea Hunt. That episode was titled Round Up and it aired in September 1961. September 23. The underwater sequences for this last show were shot in Nassau. Well not all of them. Actually, there was a lot of footage from previous years that was used in this last episode. Mike Nelson had two assignments in this show. The first one, he had to recover some floating bombs inside a shipwreck, put them back into place and then blow up the ship with the bombs on them. But before he started this, uh might get a little bit of a retrospective on all the explosives he encountered over the years, both solid and shaped charges, torpedoes, mines, and something called nitrile bombs. And actually this first job was a repeat from an earlier season, just with a little bit different spin on it. Mike had doubles in this sequence and you can see him actually switching his reserve air on, pulling back on the lever. Um and as he's doing this work, he says, uh well, my number hadn't come up yet as well as it always turns out, Mike gets all the bombs back in Iraq and at this point he's running low on gas, so he has to go back up to the surface, but guess what? There's no more gas on the Coast Guard cutter, but the job still needs to be done. Well, uh now he does a free dive into the wreck and as he's going into the wreck, I think there's a nice spotted eagle right at swims by, he's uh in the wreck on a free dive, puts the explosive charge in and uh gets out and as he's getting out, obviously, boom, the ship explodes. So job well done. Now while they're uh finishing up the Coast Guard gets a call that from someone that says somebody is going to be planting a bomb in an underwater pipe at a hydro electric plan. Um you know, and they say first nitrile, now a bomb one down and one to go and this one mike has triples on and he's taking a spear gun with him, Not sure why, but he's got that speargun. And as he gets to the pipe, he finds another diver there alone, so he figures something's wrong and he wrestles this diver to the surface and it turns out that the diver is named john Stark, but it's actually uh Jack Nicholson and he's a disgruntled employee. And mike is trying to figure out what, what's going on. And Jack says a classic line, how many times I gotta tell you there ain't no bomb. Well, mike finally, uh you know, gets him to tell him that he shot a torpedo into the the pipe uh and has a 20 minute timer on it, Mike goes down into the pipe with his triples on and it's pretty small as he goes inside, but once he gets in there, it must be at least 10 ft around. Um as he's swimming in his hose, gets caught on one of the instruments in the pipe, and he has to take his triples off, free himself, and he credits the navy for uh you know, helping him figuring out things and not panicking. Uh he he bumps the torpedo with his head, uh and then display, disarms it right there, takes it to the surface, and uh you see the Coast Guard cupped and then shoot the torpedo and boom, another bomb goes off. Um you know, classic end to, to a classic episode of Sea Hunt, you know, At the end, mike comes on as Lloyd Bridges and says, uh, see you again next week, but guess what? Now? We know there was no next week for Sea Hunt, there's only destined for reruns, so stay tuned in the future. We'll do another recurring uh segment on Sea Hunt, It's still alive, and if you have a special episode that you want me to talk about, let me know, and uh we'll be back again with another Sea Hunt, It's alive somewhere down the line. Mhm