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Sex Magic Podcast hosts Toska, Isabella, Toni, and Shady explore sexuality, spirituality, and traditions of sex magic. This coven of curious modern witches explore PLAYFUL SEX as a powerful tool of manifestation. A How to - bring curiosity and delight into your sex magic, relationships, our rituals.
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Welcome to the Sex Magic podcast, where we explore the connections between sexuality and spirituality, the various cultures and traditions of sex, magic and conversations about everything in between, led by a coven of curious modern witches. If you'd like to follow us on social media are Instagram is sex magic podcast. Our website is sex magic podcast dot com. And if you want to send us an email Sex Magic podcast at gmail dot com today we are going to be celebrating the summer solstice, the energy of summer and chatting about playful sex. I'm really excited to dive into this episode because I feel like we have done a lot of episodes about shadow work and PDS um, way really went like deep. And now let's like, Let's keep it light. Let's enjoy Let's talk about playful sex And I am here with my babe. Cohoes. How Isabella That's may be here, coming at you remote with the quarantine vibes. Thanks very much, everyone. Yes, seriously s Oh, yeah. When you could have suggested this episode, I was a bit like Whoa, Okay. Playful sex. This is a topic I haven't really thought about in quite a while. So what even is clearly full sex? Mhm. I love that. Yes. Or from May, the thing I think often and I have, uh shit. Now I'm having a brain fought, Uh, what's it called? Synesthesia. So I don't know if this is like an element of this, but I think of sex in colors, different types of sex, A different colors to may, Um, so that's a tipple technique that I've used in my client's sessions as well to visualized, what type of color does a specific sexual energy have? So for May, playful sex is usually in the realm of like yellow, orange, pink sex. That's my description of playful sex from my citizens yourself. Those are the colors of rainbow Sherbert ice cream and I e mhm. Yeah, I think, at least for me, more than anything, play is an attitude rather than like a specific activity, because, you know, it's all about just cultivating a mindset of openness and spontaneity and seeking out novelty. And that's what I really enjoying sex. So I think it's very easy for couples to go from having this playful attitude in the beginning, you know, kind of flirty into moving into a bit of sexual predictability, which is understandable. You know, when you're you're not just sharing your body's, you're also sharing your lives. And I think this is where we can fall into kind of and intercourse or nothing approach where couples are either having sex or doing nothing at all. And then that kind of leads to limited affection outside of sex, where we lose some of that excitement. So, yes, let's take penetration off the pedestal. A men. Yeah, you know, when I think of playful sex, I think of my inner child, Andi. I really like to bring. I don't think innocents is the right word, but that energy of the inner child that's just so like, delicate and light and kind of like that, like feeling of a blossom about toe like But I think of in BDs um, some of the things that we can explore, such as getting in touch with our little to be really playful and fun. And, you know, I think there's a lot of there's this weird, like negative connotations surrounding certain taboos in kink, and I feel as though we don't need thio make things bad or good like indulging in little play can be playful and fun and it can be sexy. And it can be, uh, you know, exploring the various realms of our psyche. Eso I think indulging in, uh, mental play in sex is is where I feel the most playful. Um, and I'm a German ice, if that makes sense, Yeah, I love that idea of lack more of the innocents and curiosity bringing that energy back to sex, sex. So for some people, that may be little's or D d l g or any of this, like little Cagiva feels like too much of a range for them sexually. Just reconnecting with a feeling off and again like sex magic is all energy. So we're just talking about energy here, the energy of being really curious and really innocents. One of the things that I like about any type of, like little space type play is the idea off. Yeah, what if I didn't have all of the sexual baggage that I have from like hearing shitty stuff from either like path partners or stuff I've installed from the media and like, yeah, we can definitely and probably should do work on our shadows in our shame and unpacking that. But I think sometimes it's nice to almost kind of, like shortcut that work in a way and just connect into that like, really playful, joyous, curious phase. Yes, 100%. And I feel like playful sex is indulging in pleasure without feeling the shame. Just like what feels good in this moment. And how can I be curious about that? Explore, um, seeing it more of like a journey rather than destination. Totally. Yeah, it's Yeah, Like you said, it's It's not like leading to a specific goal. It's just like bouncing around fun energy, which is so summer vibes right now. Yeah, yeah, Like if I was going to give it a a sort of short sentence If I was going to describe it, I would say that feels good. Now what? Right. Like so just connecting in with your pleasure and then checking in to say, like, What? What do you want next? What would feel good? Like just like, name, job? Yeah. My God. Yes,