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Should Easter Be Moved to May The 4th?

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The Yavin III: A Star Wars Podcast
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Last Played: May 05, 2021
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From "The Yavin III: A Star Wars Podcast" comes the aptly titled episode "Should Easter Be Moved To May the IV", where Andrew, David, and Mitch of comparing the two holidays and the "protagonists" that they revolve around. It's Jesus versus Anakin in the battle of the millennia.
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Welcome to jesus versus Anakin. Anakin vs jesus. Should Easter actually be moved to May the 4th? That's what is this like a death battle situation? Like, we're putting jesus up against chicken in a fight to the death. Well, I mean, that the results are familiar there, but we don't have to go into them. I mean, I think we're putting and can up against jesus because Jesus is like the reigning champion for the last, you know, quite a long time because it's easter and it's time that he gets dethroned again. Mhm. Uh Yeah, I mean, there was a warning at the start of this episode, so we'll just ring True with that. So, what we're gonna be doing today in our, our first ever pitting two against each other and seeing who did it better. We have, we didn't do that last time. No, no, this is this is more this is more intense where we have 12 comparisons and we're not just like uh Soca is better than everyone in this way. But no, we have 12 things that anakin and Jesus share in common and we will now argue and or as a team cooperate in a way that we decide who did it better, Jesus or Anakin did Anakin have 12 close friends? Oh, at least he's part of the Jedi order. Yeah. We should count how Many if he had 12 close friends. This is really scary. Yeah. Then We're getting to 13 comparisons who we consider his close friends. Okay. Obi wan soca soca uh pad pad. Okay. C threepio threepio R. Two D. Two uh to hates him. So now Emperor palpatine, Emperor palpatine is a big one. Or chancellor palpatine chance? The rapper. Um No uh rex. Oh yeah. Rex rex rex rex is definitely a friend. Uh Yeah, let's say he's probably a close friend. Um And are there any other Jedi friends like Mace? Not really. He's he's kind of they don't really like them. Yeah, I don't like it. I'm gonna go with Schmidt. It's me, it's me, it's me. His mom, his mom, Watteau is a close friend. Okay, so we need three more milk wagon. I would I would argue wagon was a close friend, jar, jar was a close friend. True. And the last one is going to be his son luke. Yeah, boom. Close friends. All right. And there's no more and there is no more. No more. Don't watch any other content stretch, but because you could argue that throne was a friend for a little bit, But so let's have that be our first one. Who did it better. How many inquisitors did he have? Oh yeah, I guess Anakin was also Vader, so Vader had a lot of close friends, moff Tarkin. Okay, so here's a here's a question to kind of like, regulate this conversation moving forward. Are we accepting Vader as a part of Anakin? Like are we comparing jesus invader at all, or is it just jesus and chicken? If it's a good enough, if it's a good enough reason to include Vader, I feel like I feel like Anakin from 1 to 3 and like climbers and climbers. Yeah, but like, but like not not Vader except the best that we don't compare jesus to a fascist dictator. Well, I mean we already started, so um So who did better 12 close Friends, who who had the better 12 close friends? I mean the cooler 12 close friends definitely goes to and again, that's true, but I feel like jesus is like he actually had friends that like followed him all the time, like it was, it was like a group. Okay, but how about this, jesus Only had men in his 12 close friends and it can actually had some women, some different races. Okay so different aliens. So push back, Jesus had lots of close women friends, but they just weren't being classified as he's like a fake feminist. So he actually had more friends. True, but only his 12. Okay. Yeah. Is it better to have more friends or less good friends? Okay. But jesus friends were all very close to each other. Whereas I don't remember accepting the fan fiction that I'm writing for next week. A soca and Watteau being friends. That's a good point. He may be Anakin, like he compartmentalized his life a bit better, jesus like kind of let the drama get two intertwined in his different relationships and I guess you could argue, oh jesus is from a time when like men like the patriarch he was stronger. But I think technically start what's happened before jesus. Yeah. Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Do the patriarchy is super strong and Star wars and Anakin still had women. Yeah. As friends. Yeah. Uh well so I think and conclusions Anakin, I don't know. No comment. Okay, podcast Work. Right? So and so Jesus has zero and again hispanic in has won one for Anakin. I mean oh now you have comment. Yeah. And it will tie into our our questions later. But in his defense, Jesus probably didn't try to kill any of his friends just you know just throwing that in there. Uh raise a good point comparison betrayal by a close friend. Yes. Uh huh. Speaking of friends, betrayal by a close friend, Jesus betrayed by judas, yeah judas, judas and and again betrayed by Obi wan. I feel like I've
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