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Shouts In The Night

From Audio: The Dalston Vampire
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Classic Ghost Stories by Tony Walker
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Things That Go Bump On A Windy Night
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Lady Galston watched her husband leave, sighing and trembling, waiting for him to return. But minutes went by there in the quarter of an hour, and still he did not return. Lady Gholston half expected to hear sounds of fighting or shouts and alarms, but there was only silence. After a while, she rose and went to the door. Henry, Henry, what keeps you? She yelled, but there was no reply. With her hand to her throat, she fetched the taper and trembled, peering up into the gloom of the spiral stone staircase that led up to Mary's chamber husband. Are you there? She shouted. But her only answer was the sighing of the wind. Henry, please tell me you're well, she yelled. But her only answer was the flutter of the tape of burning in a hand. Henry, she called again. Please speak, but the only answer she got was the pitter patter of soft rain