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Simon and Garfunkel sing Scarborough Fair at 1970 Amsterdam Concert

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Simon and Garfunkel sing Scarborough Fair at 1970 Amsterdam Concert. This song was written for The Graduate movie with Dustin Hoffman.
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This is an English folk song that comes out of the the soundtrack of the movie that we made called the Graduate Song and Scarborough Fair. All right, sing it. What mhm Are you going to Scarborough Fair harshly. Say trust Mary and remember me. Thio lives there. She once waas a true love of mine. Tell her to make me a can brick shirt Harshly Sage, rosemary and, uh, without no seem no needle e Then she'll be a thio. Tell her, Thio, find me an a girl Land parsley, sage Rosemary Anton Between salt wall with Seastrand Then chill me a true love of mine Thio in a sick of leather Arsene say angels Mary Anton on and allow Heather Theun She'll be a true e Are you going to score our Parsi, Sage, rosemary and, uh remember me thio she once waas true off my