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Small Town Horror Episode Zero: Tape One - The Where

From Audio: S1 Episode 0: Tape 1 - The Where

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Small Town Horror
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Duration: 06:20
Ryan Jennings returns to the town of his youth after his father's passing. There's a reason why he left at the earliest opportunity.
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Ryan Jennings reminisces about a friend's disappearance from his hometown, a place he left at the earliest convenience. Now he's back after the death of his father. There's a dark secret surrounding what happened 18 years ago. If Ryan is lucky, he can escape with his life with it.
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member, like there was some important event or moment that you shared but it obviously didn't mean as much to you as it does to them. I think it's there, you know, it's there and you know, you know it but you can't remember it, that's how everyone reacts. When you say you're from Creighton it gets so you get used to it. People are just trying to be polite and there's no sense in trying to explain where creating is or why they should remember in the first place. So it shouldn't have meant anything to me that she hadn't heard of Ashbury. It wasn't supposed to be there anyway I guess I'll get to that at some point later. But as far as the girl from Rod Chester is concerned but she hadn't heard of it. So I go through the story that we all know and nothing, she thinks I'm just making things up and gets mad at me for being fake, which I'm totally not. I mean I wanted to see if she'll be down to me during winter break, but no, I don't think she wants to talk to me. I'm pretty sure she even blocked me on. I am. Thanks for that at all bothered me a lot though. And uh I wondered if she was pretending she hadn't heard of it as an excuse to stop talking to me or what? So I tried Lycos webcrawler, even alta vista and nothing, nothing on Ashbury Minnesota, nothing to do with me. The eighth. Yeah. Mhm. I don't get it. And I tried talking with some other people and I am from school and in a couple of chat rooms but it was more of the same. No one had heard of any of it. Tell the truth is kind of freaking me out. Mm hmm. The worst part, I couldn't find out anything about dan. I guess if you don't know anything about me or Creighton then you must not know anything about dan nelson. How our, I mean, why would you? It's just a kid, but he disappeared five years ago. It never even occurred to me to look up stuff on the internet about it. But there isn't anything out there. There's nothing in the local papers. Nothing anywhere. It's, it's like no one outside of creating knows or cares that he's gone. I know it was five years ago, but shouldn't there be something about it and the bemidji pioneer or something? I mean they've been around since like the 18 nineties. Uh maybe they've got something I don't like microfiche. I can, I guess I can try and find something at the library. Mhm. I grew up with dan. His mom moved to town when we were both in first grade. She just split up with his dad and I guess they were looking to get away. I don't really know why they moved to create in of all places. I mean what seven year old asks that kind of question and eventually they're your friends and you don't think about it. They live sort of on the outside of town, further back closer to the dump and that cleared a patch of land where there are a few other trailer homes. I guess the particulars don't really matter. I mean we were kids who went to K through 12 school. You pretty much become friends by default at least Early on. He talked smack about each other when puberty hits. But then you make up after graduation, a couple people move off down to the cities or whatever, but most people hang around. I don't know why that never occurred to me. If almost no one ever really leaves. Why doesn't ever seem to be more people in town. Mhm. It was the day before dance, 14th birthday. There really wasn't going to be a party. We were too old and cool for that. You know how it goes. But some of the kids are going to get together, watch movies, eat pizza, talk about who we made out with, who we wanted to make out with whatever we did back then. Okay. Yeah. I know. I saw him that afternoon when we left school we lived in opposite directions and I don't think we were even necessarily talking to each other but I'm sure you probably said to see you and he walked down the road to his house dan's mom swears that she saw him that night, told him good night and then in the morning he was gone. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. I remember my mom telling me about it. Word travels fast enough around town. It wasn't breakfast the next morning, but I don't think it was long after when she told me it was missing for a while. I'm guessing everyone thought he had a fight with his mom and ran away or maybe there's been something going on with his dad that nobody knew about. Mhm. It was about two weeks later. So when they made the announcement in school, he said that if anyone knew anything, they needed to talk about dan being missing that you should talk with the teachers or the principal or her chief, Donaldson mentioned the chief was what did it? It wasn't exactly subtle dan was for real gone like real, real. Yeah, maybe worse. Some of the girls in class cried, I mean like flat out bald, but I just sat there, It didn't really sink in that he was gone and that he might not be coming back. Of all the things that I remember what I remember most was going to my room after school and sitting on the floor with my knees curled up trying to make myself cry. I know I'd seen people react that way on tv and I guess I figured that's what I was supposed to do. Mhm.
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