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Snippet from Deep Cover in the UK with Shay Doyle

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Shay Doyle explains how he could avoid doing drugs when posing as a criminal during intense undercover operations.
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Yeah, I mean, first of all I suppose the the level of criminal I was playing, you know, Mikey O'brien was you know, a professional armed robber, you know, I wasn't sort of a down and out criminal. I was a criminal with access to resources, money, nice cars, you know somebody like that, you won't necessarily push around to take drugs, you know, they would have the sort of presents to say I ain't doing that line of cocaine, you know, I ain't doing it. Um So that that was something I always had in my mind, but equally just to stop getting, I asked him all the time, right? I had a female undercover officer who worked alongside me as my girlfriend, we used to say that she was we were trying for IVF um you know to have the baby and I needed to stay clean and you know and all that kind of stuff and I've done it in the past and been on steroids and been on coke and you know what not. So it's actually quite surprising when you, when you give that sort of sort of human story to a lot of criminals, they'll start to protect you. Hey, they're trying for a baby, you know, they've actually got a real