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Snippet from Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker

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Classic Ghost Stories by Tony Walker
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Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker narrated by Tony Walker of The Classic Ghost Stories Podcast
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last thing I heard was this mingling of dreadful sound as again I was seized by the giant grasp and dragged away, while the hailstones beat on me, and the air around seemed reverberant with the howling of wolves. The last site that I remember it was a vague white moving mass, as if all the graves around me had sent out the phantoms of their sheeted dead, and that they were closing in on me to the white cloudiness of the driving hail gradually became a sort of vague beginning of consciousness than a sense of weariness that was dreadful. For a time I remember nothing. But slowly my senses returned. My feet seemed positively racked with pain, yet I couldn't move them. They seemed to be numbed. There was an icy feeling at the back of my neck and all down my spine, and my ears that my feet were dead yet in torment. But there wasn't my breast a sense of warmth which was by comparison delicious. It was a nightmare of physical nightmare, if one may use such an expression for some heavy weight on my chest made it difficult for me to breathe. This period of semi lethargy seemed to remain a long time, and as it faded away I must have slept or swooned. Then came a sort of loathing, like the first stage of a sea sickness, and a wild desire to be free from something I knew not what a vast stillness enveloped me as though all the world were asleep or dead, only broken by the low panting as of some animal close to me. I felt warm rasping at my throat. Then came a consciousness of the awful truth, which chilled me to the heart, and sent the blood surging up through my brain. Some great animal was lying on me and now licking my throat. I fear to stir, for some instinct of prudence, baby lie still. But the brutes seemed to realize that there was now some change in me, for it raised its head through my eyelashes. I saw above me the two great flaming eyes of a gigantic wolf. It's sharp white teeth gleamed in the gaping red mouth, and I could feel it's hot breath, fierce and accurate upon me. For another spell of time I remembered no more. Then I became conscious of a low growl, followed by a yelp, renewed again and again, then seemingly very far away. I heard. Hello? Hello!