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Snippet from Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker

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Classic Ghost Stories by Tony Walker
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Vampire Stories for Halloween Stories to get you in the mood for the darkest and bloodiest time of the year. The best vampire fiction short stories on the 'net. Playlist compiled by Tony Walker of The Classic Ghost Stories Podcast. Authors include Bram Stoker, J Sheridan Le Fanu, Fritz Leiber. Classic Ghost Stories by Tony Walker
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Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker narrated by Tony Walker of The Classic Ghost Stories Podcast
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leaf and branch, and made the shelter of the Cyprus is of no more avail than though their stems were standing corn. At the first I had rushed to the nearest tree, but I was soon faint to leave it and seek, the only spot that seemed to afford refuge. The deep Doric doorway of the marble tomb. There, crouching against the massive bronze door, I gained a certain amount of protection from the beating of the hailstones upon. Now they only drove against me as they ricocheted from the ground and the side of the marble. As I leaned against the door it moved slightly and opened inwards. The shelter of even a tomb was welcoming that pitiless tempest, and I was about to enter it when they came a flash of forked lightning that lit up the whole expanse of the heavens. In the instant as I am a living man, I saw as my eyes were turned into the darkness of the tomb, a beautiful woman.