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Serial Killer Andrew Cunanan Was "Most Likely to Be Remembered"?!

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Last Played: January 19, 2022
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Serial killer Andrew Cunanan loved luxury fashion to showcase his status and was voted "most likely to be remembered," before he murdered Gianni Versace. Listen to My Favorite Murder describe fascinating details from his childhood that are as chilling as they are ridiculous.
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did the story of serial killer and the murderer of Johnny, for sake, Andrew Cunanan. And great. You did great as you guys will here in a second. Well, we'll see you beat you, Judge. Hey, audience, I know this is weird for you, but you judge and see if you like what is about to happen, so you just just see Well, um, my murder spree, um, doesn't start here, but the story starts somewhere else. The murder spree starts. Here it is the murderous rampage of Andrew Cunanan. I thought I knew this story. Um, but there's a lot. There's a lot going on. So Andrew Cunanan was born on August 31st 1969. Um, he was the youngest of four Children, and they were He was born in National City, California. Um, and which is kind of Ah, Not very nice place. Uh, not very nice city. His father was retired from the navy and was working to become a stock broker. His mother was a house make homemaker, and she was very religious. She went to church every single day and his friends describe That's a lot. Sunday's fine. That's what God asked for you are over doing it. If you do it every day, that's on you. Now I try to take a nap every other day, which is can be a religious experience. True. So, uh, it was very stifling home life. And apparently someone said it was a very quiet, which I was like four kids, and it's a quiet household. That's not good. Um, when he was nine, his family moved to a nicer city. Benita, Um, it was upper middle class. And, um that's when his father became a stockbroker and started making a lot of money. And his father was all about material things. And this was a time in the early eighties where, for those of us who remember, everything started to become about material things. It was that weird. Greed is good Eyes, odd shirts, boat shoes. Everyone pretended like they yacht ID, which is the weirdest sailed. Yeah, we're all into sailing. No, you're not. And then as a teenager, they moved to Rancho Bernardo, which is outside of La Hoya, which is like, super ritzy area down near San Diego, and he went to a very exclusive private school called the Bishop School. Um one of the friends who was in this interview. Oh, sorry. I got Muslim information from one of those sweet ass biography channel specials that just gives you every bit of information you possibly could want. Well, anyway, I got most of it from that. And then another one from Vanity Fair article called The Killer's Trail, which I have the author's name further in. So basically, the dad's all about like, we're rich now and they go to rich schools and Andrew is really, really intelligent. They said that his he had genius level like you When By the time he graduated from high school, he spoke multiple languages. He was an avid reader. He had a photographic memory. So he's very high functioning, intelligent person. Um, but as a friend was saying, one of most status conscious people I ever met, he always wanted you to think he had more than he did. And he was also openly gay, which, at this time, in the like mid to late eighties, was not common. So, uh, he was voted in his high When he graduated from high school, he was voted most likely to be remembered. Oh, that's a thing. Uh huh. They like they, like, stop doing it after that. Sure. The fucking issue
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