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Snippet From Pickleball In The Penitentiary

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Roger BelAir describes his first attempt at teaching pickleball to detainees.
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had while teaching pickleball in the correctional facilities. Well it's just, you know, when I, when I was first introduced to the detainees of the very first time, it was more like a locker room situation and I stood up and I thought I'd give him a little background about the sport and Joel pritchard and you know, just a little bit of the basics they had, they had absolutely no interest, you know, arms were crossed, people looking around the room, everybody at board and I thought maybe my wife was right, my intentions were good, but it wasn't a good idea. I didn't know if that night I'd be back heading back to Seattle, but all I knew for sure is it wasn't working, not knowing what to do. I said, well let's go out to the courts and so we did And there was a pipette within five minutes time, 180° transformation that they had absolutely no interest in anything, I had to say, to listen to every single word and I equate it like I said earlier, like kids on a playground and the last time I was there when I walked in is guys were giving them high fives, they're saying, hey Rogers back, everybody, we're playing pickleball