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Snippet from This Motorcycle Life: We Happy Few

Last Played: February 09, 2021
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The best kept secret about motorcycling, and the maybe thing that surprises new riders the most, is its deep sense of community. Listen to this snippet as Marina Mann, co-founder and CEO of EatSleepRIDE, waxes poetic on why motorcycling creates bonds of brotherhood. She nails it, and after hearing our conversation, you'll never let a salute from another rider go unanswered again.
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there. I wanna poke a little bit at this sense of this idea that we are somehow different from other activity based communities. Over the years, I've tried a bunch of stuff on my wayto finding motorcycles, and I skied a bit and I was a cyclist for a long time. And, um, I was I rode horses for a bunch of years really quite badly, and and and then I found finally, the thing that I loved the most, which is riding motorcycles. And the most striking contrast that I've observed in this activity is that the community is it's how to put it exactly. It's there's a presumption that we're all brothers and sisters. So So in other words, when I if I would walk into a room full of full of equestrians, there was immediately a sense of competition. You know, you English or Western and you, you know, hunter, jumper and inventor. And you're a natural horsemanship person. Or, you know, there was this. There was a strong sense of division and kind of social competition, and when you walk into a room full of motorcycle riders, they're all family immediately does resonate for you, does that been your experience? Yeah, I think so. I think for sure it's, you know, like many riders, I started riding to fulfill, you know, a personal need or desire. Um, some people start riding because they have a few friends that ride, and then other people, you know, they just need to get from point A to point B. Faster, cheaper, better. Um, but whatever the reason, once you start writing, you quickly realize that, um with motorcycling, it's a bit of a different context because you're no longer a stranger among motorcycle riders. And really, the only thing you need is is is a motorcycle to become a member. Andi, uh, you can always feel comfortable in any environment where, you know people are on two wheels s. So I think it's it's probably similar to a bunch of different type of beach activities. Um, but I think what's what's different with motorcycling is I guess everyone who rides quickly understands the secret and that, along with that secret, um which is like motorcycling is an awesome experience. An awesome way to get around it gives you an incredible sense of freedom, comes a vulnerability. You're still vulnerable on the road and when motorcyclists meet each other that that secret. And that vulnerability, I think, is what creates this camaraderie, Um, where we know we might need each other's help where we're always paying the help forward brings us together. I think that's interesting. Did you know I know that you you're not one of those people who's been writing for 100 years? Eso maybe this is fresh in your mind. It was there a moment that you can recall discovering this. Well, it's interesting because I really I feel it all the time like it's almost every time I go out. I feel it. Um, you know, one time in particular, um, I was heading the wrong direction. I was you know, my phone was buzzing like mad to tell me that I was going in the wrong direction. Like eat sleep. Ride knew the afternoon I was going in the wrong direction, but I didn't know I was going in the wrong direction, and I pulled over and I stopped, you know, to check my phone, check the map to see where I waas. And then when I looked up, another writer on the exact same bike, his mind trying street triple. He just stopped and said, Hey, are you okay? And it wasn't weird. It wasn't intimidating. Wasn't like Oh, this strange man just stopped on the side of the road toe. Ask me if I needed help. It was like, Wow, you know, I'm not alone and it's every time I go out riding. I feel that on one level or another, that's interesting. I recall being in a in a discussion online about a particular tribe of motorcyclists. It was cruiser writers, as it happens, but it's not very important who they were. And someone actually said it felt like a profound moment by way of explaining why they all dressed the same, he said. Nobody wants to be alone. It almost exactly the words that you just used. And yet motorcycle riding you think of as being a kind of solitary activity, right? The name of the motorcyclist is this kind of lone wolf, you know, out there facing the elements, you know, fearlessly on their own. And yet this this kind of idea of knowing you're not alone out there seems toe seems to pop up all the time. It's interesting that you say that and you still feel it. Yeah. And it's also I think it also has something to do with sort of like a historical context with motorcycling. Like I say, I a z you say I haven't been riding for long, But when I talked to people that have been riding for a very, very long time, they talked about the community, um, in a different context because it's only been in the last few decades that the technology on the motorcycle, um, has made the machine so reliable, like in the past. You know, few decades you couldn't really ride alone. Anything could happen. You know, you could lose your your shaft drive. You could lose a crank case you could like, you know, the bike wouldn't start or the bike could be pissing oil. You could find yourself broken down the middle of nowhere with no easy or affordable way to get home. And, you know, motorcycles tended to break down a lot often, So you needed a buddy to go riding with. And it was, you know, risky endeavor riding alone, So that again you know that vulnerability, um, connected writers and you would you always needed to be friendly with other writers? Because you knew that you you know, you might get into trouble and you needed help. So I think that that, um that brought people together as well. That made the community something that people relied on and treated very, very carefully. Very respected, I guess. In
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