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The Dupont de Ligonnès Murders: Why Isn't Anyone Talking About The Dad's Tooth?

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In early April 2011, a wealthy and prominent French family in Nantes disappears, alerting suspicion from neighbors who thought they had relocated to the United States. Listen to this hilarious description of The Dupont de Ligonnès Murders from True Crime Obsessed.
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So let's meet the family. Alright. So Count Xavier, he's account. That's the father. But, you know, successful businessman, great personalities. So quick toe laugh. Who cares? I hate him. Hey, also has, like a really weird broken tooth. But, like still isn't a lot of pictures. Well, no one talks about it. No one talks about the truth. Not even the audio description guy doesn't mention the tooth. I know, I know. And like, Look, I come from a long line of bad tooth. People like I've spent more time with the dentist than anybody I know. So I'm not making fun of the way, have released off teeth in my family. It's really bad, but like you would think that he would smile with his mouth closed. That's all I'm saying. He's a monster, you know. He's not a monster. Agnes Agnes is the mother. She's a Catholic school teacher and they have four kids. So Arthur is the oldest. He's 20 years old. Thomas. They called Toma. Here's the thing. I feel like an asshole. If I say toma, I feel like I haven't earned the right to say, Well, that this is gonna be a really long episode. Thomas Eyes, 18 Shy loves musicology and 16 gorgeous models for mail order catalogs. My only pet peeve. Here. They've been 15 minutes telling us she's a model. Then they like, Throw away that she's the best student in the family. Could you have opened with how smart she is? No, she's a girl, right? Yeah, I know, I know. And not even on solve mysteries. ISS safe. Um, and then Ben. Why? He's the youngest. He's 13. He plays the drums. So there's, like their musical creative, nice, fun family. And so that's the thing about like Oh my God, the shutters were closed that that's why it was a big deal. It was like the sound of music hanging out the windows, making, you know, just make. They were just, like, fun, like vivacious people. Can I say one thing? I Google accounts. I was like, What does account like you hear, like the Countess Luann and the Count? Whatever is account very fancy guys. It actually turns out counts aren't very fancy there, like in the lineage of like, Royals in Europe. And get ready. We're gonna have to talk about this bullshit for a lot of this episode. But, like in the hierarchy of, like, the Where do the counts fall? They're just somewhere in the middle there, Not that fancy. Okay, so I love that. The only countess you know is Countess Luann from the Real Housewives. That's the only one. I think money can't buy you class So it's Monday, April 11th, 2011. It's 2 p.m. And the seamstress neighbor has not seen the Xavier family all day, and she is totally freaking out. And on top of that, there's a note on the mailbox that says, Essentially, stop leaving mail here. Thanks, Bye e But in front, it literally says the translation has stopped leaving mail here. To which I said, kind of blunt in France. No, and just like how suspicious is high, Please don't deliver mail here anymore. Just get your mail forwarded. I know. And then I saw the closed shutters Tell me I said, That's so weird. E just felt something was wrong. Shutters were always open. Even when they went on vacation, they were always open. And so, you know, remember that Estelle, the neighbor, like, feels like she's like part of the family like she's the one that's telling us that the house is always like, lit up with people and kids and music and whatever. And the house is just empty and the shutters are closed and she is like something is going on here. And I was like, If that would be, I would have just been like, Wait, did they move and not tell me? Are we not as close as I thought we were? They're mad at you. Everyone is mad at you on. I'm only saying that because I know because everyone's always mad at me all the time. Eso I'm an expert on people being mad and the feeling of they hate me now, right? Like it's over now it's all like all of its over. So, you know, after two days of this, just very weird feeling that she has she she calls the police and she's like, Can you please just check in like I know the only suspicious thing is that the shutters are closed. But promise, I promise you, this is a big deal. So they go and the police that show up are are local and they just do like this home. Check in to see if everything's okay and they get it. And everything's like everything looks fine, except that everything was stripped from the beds. I was hoping you were going to say that because it took me until my second watching to really get this. They're like everything was totally normal except, like the duvets and bed sheets were missing. And the hairs on my arms stood up, you know? And so they they're trying to say, Kind of like, you know, And this is for you, Steve, because I know you do this. You kind of like you clean up the apartment before you go go away for, like, a several days so that when you come back, it's like it's the best. All of that seemed totally normal on the police Felt the residents had left voluntarily. There was nothing that necessitated launching a formal police investigation. The cops were trying to be like, Oh, it just looked like they left on their own accord and they were just straightening up. But no one strips the like. What are you saying? Like it immediately makes zero sense to me and Estelle the neighbor and I fucking hate this when, like people in charge don't listen to the people who are making perfect fucking sense s still is saying, like look like a couple of their cars were still there and to which I was like These people are rich but a couple of their cars were still there. There's Onley, one car missing. It's the C five, which I guess if you are European, that might mean something to you. But I guess it's a small car and she is saying none of them are here. It is six people and two dogs and suitcases. There is no fucking way they all could have fit in that small car. That's the Onley card that is missing. Something is.