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Hosts talk all things coats. Learn about how to choose a coat best for you based on function and fashion.
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today. I think the thing on everyone's mind that we really have to address the elephant in the fashion closet is, uh, winter coats. To me, the most important thing right now is to recognize that for many of us, our social life for the next six months is going to exist outdoors. So whatever you thought like, let's just we could start with the premise of just like, necessity. The point is, we need coats in short coats. In short. Well, I just think a lot of people maybe have, like, kind of written off the idea of, like, fashion or clothes or buying something or thinking about wearing a thing, given the circumstances. But I think what's really happening, in fact it is is, uh, Israel necessity and deep thought about our coat lives are outerwear lives. I think Rachel very helpfully articulated the coat situation for geek dot com this week. Rachel. Rachel. What? What? What were you what, like when do you know that you got, like, a post, uh, burbling? You know what I mean when you've got some like, we all have loose thoughts. But when does it start to cohere? And what were you thinking that led to your what do your coats post? Well, I guess I would. You know, when I went to the Prada store with my two close friends Noah and Sam, I was just drawn to the coats like that's all. I wanted to look at Andi. In fact, there was, like, You know what? You know in a store, whether it's like, a little bit of, like, light ventilation, and the clothing is sort of like moving like I e coat. Yeah, this fur coat that was sort of like, you know, doing in the wind. Yeah, Yeah, it was like being underwater. Andi, I thought what I need is a coat. And I thought, Well, why do I need a coat? And I started asking people what they were buying like, That's kind of like, you know, when I've gone to my socially distance gatherings, That's what I'm asking about. And people were like, you know, I've actually been, like, really looking for a coat, and it was sort of like like on the d. L like they know they shouldn't be doing it, but it's like, you know, do you know anyone who could get me a coat, man. What kind of like what I'm looking for? Yeah. So anyways, then I thought, Well, if if people are admitting this to me at parties, it must be something worth writing about. Why were people ashamed to admit it? It seems because it doesn't seem like something. Yeah, it seems kind of extravagant. I think the interesting thing that I was thinking about this summer when I was watching like the product shows, is that we think that, like rich women really love handbags. But in fact, what they love is coats E. And that's like the ultimate expression of, like, elegant, rich woman style. So it feels like a luxurious, kind of like protection. I think you could say the same thing about men. People think men love sneakers and baseball hats, but really, men love coz it's like outerwear. Outerwear is what drives, you know, menswear dot com in a in a big way. Other words King, I mean, and I was go ahead. You know, it makes sense. It's It's like in a way, it's like the if it's gonna be like the most expensive piece in the collection. It's kind of a piece that gets the most design attention often, you know what I mean? Like, it's often a big statement to be made, so there's reason to be sort of like excited about it. Plus, it's the other thing is you can a little bit like sneakers, which you can wear over and over again, like nobody looks at you like you've got a problem if you wear the same pair of sneakers three times in one week. On the same is true for a coat like you can re wear a coat in a way that you can't re wear a shirt. You know, Um and I think that in a way like, yeah, when you choose a coat you're choosing, like your whole winter wardrobe, basically choosing your personality, you're choosing your whole stole. I was recently, um, did a massive project of like reshuffling between my apartment and our storage unit. Um, because, like spending so much time in the apartment, you just can't have, like, shit everywhere, you know, with, like, two people and two cats in here all day, every day. Um, so we just did a massive like, um, de clutter and minimal minimizing and I set up this, like, elaborate closet system in our storage unit. Eso everything would be, like, really organized. And it would be like, nice to be in there and that if you needed to go to the storage unit like just to get a coat, like literally go there to do one thing, get a sweater, get a pair of boots, get a coat and leave that It would be like a nice experience and not super traumatic, you know, Climate controlled Will Bells archive. This is like a It was a mega. To be honest, it was a mega undertaking. Can you breakdown that? What's the system like? Is it like wire rack, shelving and things and bins on the shelves or something like What did you So I went to the container store and got three like industrial level. I now love the container store and they, by the way, they also love me. We have a relation. We have a deep relationship. I got these three like industrial salt like professional grade um, clothing racks that have these big, really nice dust covers over the Onda. Then there's the top of it is a shelf in the bottom of it is a shelf. And then I got drawers. You know, I'm very tall, So, like, to me, the top of a big coat length clothing rack is very accessible. So I got these plastic drawers that fit 123 on top of each of these three, like mega rolling racks. And they're they're on, they're on wheels and the wheels lock And, like, the whole thing, the the dust cover you could like, fold it back and then pin the you like, open it up and unfolded and then pin the sides up So it just sits there open. So I, like, went on. I went storage unit with all this stuff and, like, put on music on like a little speaker and just, like, built these things and set the whole thing up. And now it's like, now I'm actually sleeping there like an armchair and ottoman in there and, like, kind of create a lounge. Yeah, human or of my cigars. Um, following are what? But what I decided is that at least for the earth, like fall and early winter, I mean, at least gonna try this. But now it's very easy and very pleasant if I need toe change my strategy. But I have one, like, um, wool topcoat. And I have one, like, rugged, kind of badass New York winter coat. So it's like a tech fabric and, like a natural, a natural fiber. And that's it. No other coats in the apartment right now of a code to be code or to a code to code. Yeah, I'm going to see how far I could get. Can you drop the brand names for us? You Out? Yeah. The the top coat is Caruso. From that moment when Caruso was just absolutely slaying. And there have since been, um, the brand has changed ownership. And really, um they have a whole new approach, which last when we're in Italy in January. It looked like it was It was their first introduction, and it looks like it might get good, but I'm still like morning. This moment when we were doing geek style, Caruso was having like, a crazy, crazy fly moment. Yeah. Yeah. So this is a code that I've had for a few years, but I Absolutely, it's like, um kind of like a rich blue that looks almost purple with like a plaid through it. And it's understated but, like kind of psychedelic. And then, um, having a leaks Montclair like big old New York motherfucker of a coat. It has the buckle, like inside the interior of it, and I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do it. That, like one thing you could do with it is it's like a big, heavy coat, and you can, like, carry the coat with it. You know you like, put your arm through the like seat belt buckle. Carry it that way shoulder strap. But I don't know what I don't fully understand this coats utility, but it's warm and it's really