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Snippet of 2: Choosing your podcast topic, equipment and software, and finding content for your podcast

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An Audio Guide to Starting a Podcast Listen to this in-depth audio guide for starting your very own podcast.

Starting a podcast might seem overwhelming, but we've compiled clips from expert podcasters around the web to bring you this audio how-to guide. From coming up with the original idea, finding guests, monetizing your podcast, and more, discover how you can find success for whatever kind of show you want to start. Hear the top recommendations for equipment, software, and branding to get off on the right foot.
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When starting a podcast, invest in a great microphone to enhance the quality of your podcast. You may also consider mixer and a digital recorder to save time in editing. Also, spend time exploring which software programs work best for you.
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investing into a great microphone is the single best thing you can dio to improve the quality of your podcast. You don't need to spend more than about $60 but you shouldn't plan on spending much less than this amount, either. You just can't use the built in microphone and your computer. The quality is too poor and your listeners deserve better. The microphone I use is the audio technica at ER 2100. I also use two pieces of optional equipment Ah, mixer and a digital recorder, these pieces of equipment saving about a half hour of time in the editing step for producing each podcast episode. In addition to the three pieces of equipment, there are three different software programs I used to produce my podcast. I used the free, no frills cross platform software audacity toe edit my podcast, and I use all phonic to process my audiophile Afterwards. All phonic provides two hours per month of processing for free and helps to remove the noise and normalize the loudness of my audio file. Finally, I use I D three editing software to place the 83 tags on my file that let podcast players know the episode. Title number, author and show summary