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Listen to hosts discuss with a caller what the little squeaks his Beetle makes when he shifts into third gear are.
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her name's Maryland. Yeah, that live. There is a long story behind that, but there's only one problem with her. A couple months ago, I picked up a well, I lost. No, We don't want to know anything about your love life. Just tell us about the car. And then now I lost 34th gear and obviously I needed a transmission. E got down to this, uh, this place nearby, and they're real mom and pop place and they're really reliable. And they all they do is Volkswagen's old Volkswagen say it's a graveyard of sorts. Andi. I picked up a transmission and I put her in myself, and then we were paying and a half. But But I got it in. And there's only one problem with it now. It runs fine. All the gears air real smooth. I put new transmission oil everything, and, uh, when I put it on the road, and when I get into third gear, it's just a little a little whining. It's not really a one. It's like a squeaking sound. It's like sort of like that, like a mouse. If I didn't know better, I think it was a mouth. It's in third gear and at the lower rpm's of fourth. And then it escapes. And and there's no you can't tell when you're in the car except for the squeaking noise it doesn't. But I would like to know if that's any impending doom. My guess would be that when you put the engine back in, you didn't tighten everything up on purpose, you mean and what you're hearing is thean engine sloshing around back there? Because I mean the fact that it happens in third year, I'll bet you it happens in third gear, say, in fourth gear. Once you get up to high speed in fourth gear on a flat road, I'll bet you the noise goes away. Uh, yeah, uh, what does that mean? I wonder because what's happening is when you when you when you're in a low torque situation, when you're asking the engine to do more than it can do, which is when you just shift into fourth or third, then what's happening is the engine is basically shaking on. What you're hearing is shaking, so that would make me believe that you didn't put everything back together as tightly as it was when you took it apart. I like possible possible. But why wouldn't that happen? Why wouldn't that affect second year? That because second years got so much power. 1st and 2nd years have so much power that you're not asking the engine to do what it can't dio Eureka. This sounds like BS. To me, it's been impending. Doom is not in my hair. I I don't think it's impending doom. No, I don't think it has anything to do with the transmission. Okay, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. The voice of reason hasn't spoken yet. Yeah. Come on, Beat that. Let me see you beat that theory. I don't. The truth is, I've heard this noise on beetles all the time. E its's either the noise from the engine it goes like either it's that or it's people next to you laughing at. You've been driving such a stupid. Now wait a minute. Just now that the noise if you're driving along and third and you hear the noise, it's a regular cyclical noise. That is, it increases in frequency as you increase your vehicle speed. It's not It does not. Hey, didn't want that answer he didn't want that answer. Justin, wait a minute. Now wait a minute. It is not a cyclical noise. So in other words, if it doesn't correspond to some numbers of revolutions, there isn't a proportion between the number of revolutions of the wheel and the number of revolutions of number of the frequency of this noise. You are inversely proportionate, Czar. Proportional it all Just a steady figure. One or two a second. No matter how fast you're going, just like that, Yeah. Here's what you do, Justin. OK, start up the engine and get back there with a screwdriver and start lowering the idle speed. Okay, get it down. So it's idling if it will idle at 500 rpm or less will. So it's just barely running. The noise will occur because the engine will be shaking like it is when you're in 3rd and 4th year and you'll be right there and you'll hear it coming right out from that big fan shroud and you'll be able to put your nose right there and say, Uh huh, I didn't tighten that bolt and that'll be the end of it. Did you take the engine and transaxle out all at once. Um, they weren't attached. I took one out in the other out. You took the engine out first, right? And then you took the tree, and then you put them back in in that order. Correct. Hopeful reverse order. First order. Right. I'm going to guess maybe that maybe my brother's right. I hate no one's listening. If you're listening, turn off your radio. But he may be right. It may be the fan hitting the shroud. That's even making the noise. If it isn't that it's impending. Dome in the transmission is gonna spill its guts on the high. But if you turn the idol way down, you will simulate the condition and you'll hear it. And you did this when you were putting the motor back in. You were pushing the engine, trying to get it back in, right? I did a really good job. You probably didn't. Yeah, but maybe you did. You know, we'll find out if something falls out pending doom. Call the legal. It is not impending doom. Squeaks are rarely impending doom. You didn't have the Did you have the axles out the wheels? End of the axles. Okay, I was just checking. Okay? Don't worry. You're gonna find it. You're gonna You're gonna send us. Ah, thank you. On the back of a $20 bill, I'm sure you will do that. Yeah. This is always gonna get for the car when he junks it. See you later, Justin. Good bye. Bye. Now, before we give the answer the last week's puzzler, we have to take a short break. Do you know why? So you're gonna figure out the answer. That's right. We'll be back in a minute. I remember Sunday drive.
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