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Snippet of '80s Movie Montage: Ep. 24: Gremlins

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The Best Podcasts About 80s Blockbusters Ah yes, the 1980s. . . the decade where box office records were broken every single summer, the Brat Pack was still together, and the concept of "PG-13" just wasn't a thing. The 80s brought us Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club, and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark— movies that we now define as "high-concept films" (aka those with cinematic plots that were both broadly marketable and easily understandable) and "cult classics." So throw on a Member's Only jacket, hop in your DeLorean, and listen to this most excellent playlist of the best podcasts about 80s blockbusters! Vurbl Entertainment: Movies, TV & Events
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Anna, Derek, and their guest Justin Blomquist acknowledge the hard work that went into creating the infamous Gremlins before tying up some of the films' loose ends. The trio also addresses some exciting connections between the film's composer Jerry Goldsmith and other popular 80s flicks.
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Look, I love this movie. It's in my heart. I I enjoy watching it. I know it's kind of silly. I know it's not something that you should be taking too seriously, but it does feel like the first half of this movie is an entirely different film than the second half of this movie. Yeah, I would agree that there's a lot of things that are just like set up, set up set up, and then it disappears because this tidal wave has come through and washed it all away. This tidal wave of gremlins and in a way that makes sense because I mean the yeah, these creatures just quite literally take over the town. And so, in a way, makes sense to me that everything goes to the wayside. But as somebody who enjoys film and thinks about, you know, story and script analysis and the whole deal, it's like, Whoa, all these things were introduced that there's no payoff for like the opposite and back to the future, where everything is set up that pays off later. E mean, I know that that script, in particular is usually analyzed in screenwriting classes because it is as close as you get to a perfect script because of everything that you just said so. And when we were talking about the documentary for the for the puppets. I mean, if if there if they didn't know what Gizmo is gonna look like or that gizmo was going to exist until production was was was happening, I guess it makes sense that the movie, like it's it's actually not bad, considering that gizmo wasn't even around until they were, like already through the through the production. That's why I'll always be so impressed with, you know, the individuals who are like hustling, scrambling, not sleeping, like doing all these things to make a movie come together, even if the final product maybe isn't great. And I'm not saying that about gremlins like, because it is great. Um, but, you know, I think that that is something that is just still always kind of missed on a lot of people is how much hard work goes into even the most basic of films that, you know, it doesn't really never takes off, but okay, so we we have been having an amazing conversation, but before we wrap up, we're ready for our first break, and I've got more to say we can. I want to talk about other Joe Dante movies. I want to talk about him working with Roger Corman. Oh, that's interesting. Well, I want to get back Thio, Jerry Goldsmith. Composer. Um, I I'm ashamed of myself because I didn't really I wasn't familiar with the name. And then when I was, like looking at hiss like credit, I was like, Wow, how have I not been aware of who this gentleman is? And I mean, I'll kind of, like, save my whole rundown, Um, for when Derek and I kind of go over all that. But I mean between like, from from Patton to Gremlins two total recall. I mean, holy cow total recall. By the way, the the original is a great score. Oh, yeah, it's a good movie. Oh, and then another connection there. You got robbed Boutin. Well, he didn't do Robert Dean didn't do stuff on gremlins. He did every other Joe Dante movie, but he also did total recall. Okay, Okay. I mean, I I agree with Derek. They are very forward with with the main theme name Justin. You're right. that scene when the when the plow crashes through is probably the most like out there use of the song. It's like man like we're just We're just opening it up. We're just like, going for it. Turn that gain all the way up. Yes, exactly. Exactly. And I love it, and I think that the score is absolutely perfect for this movie. Um, I think that he hit just the perfect balance of mischievous and slightly terrifying and all of those different elements. Do we know what happened to the Futterman is Do they die? Are they killed in that? Because then it's even weirder. That's another. That's another kind of loop that is enclosed. I know they return and it's sequel. And then I think e think after the attack, we hear the police officers getting a phone call from them saying that they were just attacked in their house. So I think they're okay. They got out