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Best D&D Podcasts On Vurbl Welcome, adventurer, to the world of Dungeons and Dragons: a place full of imagination, friendship, self-discovery, and dragons. Join some of the most talented role-players in the D&D community in this playlist full of the delightful moments from the best D&D podcasts on the internet. Each podcast brings its own magic to the game. So if you're looking for a new adventure to go on, there's something in this playlist for you. Listen to podcasts like Critical Role, Knocked Prone, and Friday Knights! Vurbl Dungeons & Dragons
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The party trap Magic Brian in front of a surprisingly deep pit. Brian's pet giant spider—who is also named Brian—has already fallen into the pit—plummeting to his untimely death. But Magic Brian has a trick up his sleeve. He takes Gundren Rockseeker hostage and tries to baffle the party with one final riddle.
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seems to be my tent. E keep sort of oscillating between, like taco and German. I want to really land in the German wheelhouse. Let me try again. Yes, it seems that it seems that my goose might be cooked. Uh, eso just just one more trick up my sleeve and we'll see how you respond to this aunt. He grabs Gun Drin by the scruff of the neck, rolls off into the pit with him. Oh, shit. Uh, but then you see, at the same time two small dwarf in hands. Reach up and grab the pit. Reach up and grab the edge of the pit, and then you see two more small dwarf in hands. Reach up and grab this side of the pit. And almost simultaneously to gondron, rock seekers pull themselves back up onto stable ground. Who would have seen that comin? I didn't on, uh, one gunman. Rock secret. We'll call him the gun. Drancy Gondron. Rock seeker on the right. Looks at the other one and says, Oh, my God. Okay. I think I see what he's trying to do here. Listen, you have to understand. I'm the rial guns and rock seeker. You have to believe me. I could tell you anything you want to know about the rock secret plan. I could tell you anything you wanna know about Fanling. You have to believe me. I'm the real guns and rock seeker and the gun Shamrock Seeker on the left says no, you must believe me. We owe right here is an impostor. I'm cereal guns in rocks. How do you tell them apart? Ask me anything you want to know about dwarves. But which one's the rial? Gundam? Rock Seeger. Is it possible he has cursed the other Gunter and rocks here to sound German and weird? That's exactly what he did that he's a bad boy. He's a bad boy. Was lots of all kinds of sinister magics. I walked over and kick that went into the pit. Which one? The one you just talked. Oh, no. You've solved my final riddle. You read a Jesus? How deep is that pit? Oh, congratulate you, E. I've landed on Brian. Brian, I'm so proud of him. I'm going Thio