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Snippet of Alice Isn't Dead: Part 1, Chapter 1: Omelet

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We meet our hero in a diner, where a man is absolutely demolishing an omelette
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Alice isn't DEAD By Joseph Fink Performed by Jessica Nicole. Produced by Desperation Part one, Chapter one Omelet E. Was sitting at a gas station or not a gas station. A diner that was in a gas station. The diner, part of the gas station I was in that it was somewhere near Spokane. I think I saw a man eating an omelet, but it wasn't the omelet, but it was just the way he was eating the omelet. He was devouring it. Big chunks of yellow, scooped up with long, grease stained fingers, just shoving them into his mouth. And he was staring at me. Yeah, he was wearing a yellow hat like, um, like a baseball hat. His fingernails were yellow to not cigarette, yellow or nail polish. Yellow, translucent yellow just below the surface polo shirt. Dirty, filthy, dirty. Or then you think a restaurant would allow someone to wear would serve just the word thistle on the right breast. No logo. And he was moving that omelet from plate to mouth like it had nothing to do with eating like he was just a machine. That's function was to do that, and he was staring at me? No, he was eyeing me. No staring. People say that bad experiences air like nightmares. This wasn't a nightmare. What I remember most about it was how real it waas. Even as it happened, I noticed that the most how really it was how I couldn't escape that reality, how I would never be able to convince myself. I remembered any part of it. And correctly Alice, Alice, I It's the engine, Alice. The sound of it. The noise of a truck this size, height. It's the height none of us are used to being this height anymore. Once upon a time, we rode horses. I mean, you know what I mean. I've never even seen a horse up close. It's the height. I'll get used to it. There's this tower in the distance coming out of the hillside. Looks like it's part of a factory, but just coming right out of the earth. Creepy, gut, creepy. Like something gone wrong like a terrible crime. It looks like something out of a myth. E. Guess that's where myths come from. When the real world looks like something out of a myth. Who am I at this point in my life to talk about a NRI ality That's so weird. It doesn't look riel. E can't stop thinking about what's behind me, not the stuff in the back, not what they've got me carrying. I think this assignments travel size deodorant. Most deodorant can go on a plane. You don't need travel sized versions. Not that many ounces, even in full sized ones. But anything that could hold a price a single human being will lay down for cash has to exist. And so here we are. Me and my cargo calling what needed to have ever been from the place and needn't have been made to the place it needed to be used. I'm not getting distracted. E. Know what you're thinking, Alice. This is intentional avoidance. I don't have to explain myself to you, but I will. I just e just passed an exit sign that said Anaconda Opportunity. That's a fine invitation, but I think e mean no thanks. I will pass that opportunity up an explanation, right? Mhm