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Snippet of Americarnage: NFL Mixology

Last Played: February 23, 2021
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Nat and Mike well know the elements needed to blend an exciting game of football and with Dan new exported to the States they have grabbed the opportunity to invite the master of mixed drinks, the chieftan of cocktails, the barman of Browns fans, Mr Paul McFadyen on to the show to tell them just how to make the most of the game, booze-wise. 

In other news: Mike's been watching sexploitation documentaries, the team is deeply surprised; it's London Cocktail Week, get involved; Instant Reply - a book you need to read; with Dan away, Nat gets right back to Grantland; Tony Romo is about the polarising man in football - all those touchdowns, a loss and choking accusations; Geno Smith throws zero picks and the Jets look like a team; the Giants stagger further down, so do the Jags; TY Hilton tears through everything in front of him; in the NHL, the Flyers get off to an 0-3 start and immediately fire coach Peter Laviolette, something a bit Premier League about that...; the Bruins are unbeaten but so are 8 other teams so bit early yet; loads of good stuff from the BO-deans Mailbag; some great audio postcards from Dan; NFL drink-matching with Paul and much, much more...
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Jets because Bobby Hall was the Golden Jet. It was cash in on that. But, I mean, there's no association between winner big and Jets that I can think of. Well, if you know the answer to that our colleges, our Twitter and let us know already be thinking Paul and I know zip nothing about the national arguing. We probably should move on. And I want to play your game. Yeah, let's play the game. Let's play the game, Paul. Alright, so I've looked at the matchups next week, picked out some cracking cocktails to have with it. So let's do my beloved Brown's first. Yeah, okay, so the Browns of playgrounds hosting the Lion Lion? That's right where I imagine it is a pretty tough card coming up for the Browns. Actually, I think this is where the season starts going off the rails. I anticipate the Lions pulling one over on Cleveland. You live. Not really. Lions. The Lions would be one of those really sloppy drunks who comes in and tries to start fights and stuff. Steals the tips off tables. I said drinking. It's got, um, a lotta Dockery. In my latter Mlada Dockery. It's probably you're probably quite on PC I thought he plays with. It's a brown and white Cacau's. It's like a chocolate tasting down line. A tasting Dockery. Beautiful, beautiful drink. Can you freeze it and put it on a stick? And you could do that? You probably did. That means there's a liquor in it. Which way? Cops lollies, Paul. That's about the level of eso The Saints Patriots game. Yeah, the New Orleans Obviously a rich and colorful cocktail history. Yeah. I want to recommend a new bar that just opened in Rivington Street in, um, in old ST Shoreditch called Nola. No, Uh, it really sort faithful recreation of a classic New Orleans bark. They do. It is incredible. Hurricane. Which a drink that was popularized Pat O'Briens in in New Orleans. So it's a rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, a lime passion fruits through a beautiful, beautiful drink. So you're gonna be drinking that love. You know what you would do if you were the Patriots, though? What drink you would have? Well, we'll have the drink. That's best for the team. Yeah, with videotape. Other bars, a bar E. That's good. That's a good song. Carnivals NY knows one of my favorite drinks is a Frisco. Sorry, it's called. It's a Frisco Sounds Bourbon. Benedictine with lemon sugar. What is better? Yeah, its's The cure made by Monk's 18 months and months. Yeah, like so many of those old like yours Originally they were odor V is the water of life. They were they were infusion of herbs designed. Yeah, it's nice because it's not a sweet It's not a really sweet site. Yes, suburban Benedict lemon juice, sugar, we little bit egg white. Shake that being a brandy and Brandy Bennet's Harry Pre drink that I have a pint glass with me. I could see this girl licking the window like that. Like that old Billy Connolly routine about the Scots going down to Rome for the World Cup going, I guess with the pope drinks e drinks, creme them off. I have to point to that a bit like poor men's crate, Scottish accent as well. A loving that I'm great. Okay. What about the offer? The Dolphins? No, I haven't, actually. What do you reckon? What's gonna get you over? E remember e remember quite a drunken night in Paris once in my errant youth at a bar drinking a cocktail, which was very, very blue and unsurprisingly, called a swimming pool. Do you ever come across this booth? Blue and head must have probably Curacao. Have you never heard of a look that up? Because a it was It was It wasn't particularly nice, but I didn't get a fish booth. Harry, I've just had a quick google that this is the manliest cocktail. A incredible. Okay, So blue Curacao and chlorine. Crushed ice. Sweet cream, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, light rum and curious. So yeah. Brute man clear about this at insulin shot. A cocktail expert, Paul McFadden, Didn't know a cocktail that I knew off. The sooner it's pretty good. I want to put that on the menu in your bar in order In honor of America. And it sounds like that classic cocktail recipe. One of sweet to sweet three of sweet for Hey, let's make way. Make a Carson cocktail. A man who sends a cocktail designed Why don't you wear you put on the menu in your bar way trying happens to put something I love. You know what? The mic, The iron mike, You know what the cocktail should have been. The last Super Bowl Baltimore in San Francisco should have been a beer called Har Brew. Ha brew probably did that. Probably that you are a gentleman. Pullman finding more, no more? No. Just agreed to put on a cocktail named after you got Cox Charges Game is gonna be a pretty electric. I would have thought so. One of my favorite drinks Espresso martini, shot of espresso, a little bit coffee liqueur that carries licking the window again. Harry, Governor, Cure some vodka. Shake that up a little bit Sugar cracking drink it Drink created by a guy called Dick Brad Soul Yeah, I'm so sure. Yeah, The Atlantic bar That's s o a famous supermodel walked into his bar and asked for a drink Toe Wake me up, up Okay. Expressed a hey where? He wouldn't say I've heard it might be Naomi Campbell, but it's bartender. Bartender confidentiality? Yes, of course. Of course. Is there a sort of like there's a magic circle with magicians? They're similar sort of thing with Barton there, there isn't But partners have their own codes, their own language. So of course, because if you wanna communicate across the bar. There's a lot of things you don't want the customers to know. And so some of them just fall into general patterns of speech. So if so, if you're standing in a bar, Onda bartender says shoes. Shoes is girls were great rack and literally the entire bar will lean over. Go shoes, shoes you if you send 50 Bart means something is about to be thrown at your head. Get ready to catch something You went out of. Something is said to be your 86. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. My dad always used the 86. Yeah, it's an old prohibition era. It was. It was It was there was a bar that was 86 on the 86 code was when they had to clear out the back of a by eyes. Basically, get out the bar y 86. That's what I'm saying. I think the bar was number number. A story has been used in diners and restaurants for years. Thio 86. The male. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Interesting. That's fascinating stuff. My way. We've all I'll feel like you've learned. Well, thank you for those fantastic drinks. I hopefully our listeners, We'll, uh we'll take up the jets jets car
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