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Snippet of Amy Schumer Presents 3 Girls, 1 Keith: Quentin Tarantino

Last Played: December 07, 2021
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Listen now to snippet “Quentin Tarantino” from Amy Schumer Presents 3 Girls, 1 Keith. The legend talks about Brad Pitt’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood performance.
Amy Schumer and friends Bridget Everett, Rachel Feinstein, and Keith Robinson dish about their lives, pop culture, politics, and stand-up comedy. It's dinner with your besties—if your besties were morally bankrupt. Follow on Spotify so you don't miss a moment of the madness.
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Hey, how you doing? Hey, where you been? Three girls talking about a lot of love and sin. And there's someone said next to us. Who? That freaking man. It's Oh, it's Kate. Whoa, Whoa! Welcome to the premiere of Season Five of three girls one keep. Oh, What? Oh, whoa, or Boo. Are you going or booing? I'm not going. Okay. We're so excited for this season. I'm gonna do something. Them do things that I've never done before. This this season is gonna be a special Keith Robinson. Is this Keep my plug. What? What? I wanna know what that thing is. You're gonna start wiping. Well, I just finished my last child support payment. Oh, that's so cute. Feels good. Congratulations. I want to say congratulations to everyone involved. The court system, everyone. So Quentin Tarantino is our guest today, and that is a huge deal for this show. Whoa, kids, that z big. Are you guys feeling nervous about him coming in here? Yeah. Yeah. Why are you nervous? Because he's got, like, a lot of energy, you know, like he's like, I feel like he's going to dominate the space with his energies a little manic. He's got the manic energy. Yeah, okay. And does that. How does that make you feel when someone's a little manic? Like I wanna crawl under the table, just like popping my dog. That makes you kind of put your head in your body like a turtle. But I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm excited for the mania. I'm gonna match the mania with my own. Yeah, I have a little nervous. How did you convince him to make this grave mistake? I don't know. I I Well, maybe he hasn't listened. And you're just like I'm doing a podcast with some friends. You don't say who it is. Hey, definitely has heard the podcast, which is crazy. Yes, because he he said specific segments he doesn't want to dio like, Well, maybe I could have been offended. He didn't want to do something. Instead, I was, like, so flattered that he had ever even see Oh, yeah, but he is a long time Bridget Everett fan, and that's the truth. And so I think that his saying yes has to do with that. Uh, sort of. Yes. She totally knows that. Amy told me once. Well, I was I the only one who's ever told you that somebody else told me What? Yeah, So, um and I, uh, he's the only person I think I've ever asked other than Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If they would get lunch with me and he said yes. And we had a We had a really fun lunch and I emailed him after once upon a time in Hollywood came out and I said, I loved the movie and congratulations. And if you would ever be in our podcast on I just thought, Never is this happening And he's coming today. I tried toe, read a little a couple interviews and listen to a couple of podcast. He's done just to try to keep away from the like. You know, when you're in someone's interviewing you, you're like eso Keith. Are you nervous? A little. No, you're not. Why? You're not impressed with Quentin Tarantino? I'm very impressed with Quentin Tarantino. He's amazing, but you're not nervous because I don't know. I'm just not nervous. Have you been nervous for any guest on here so far? Are you ever nervous? You know what? When you're on a plane and somebody puts a piece of the Torah on their head. Nothing gets you shaking in your boots like someone who loves the law. E Quentin Tarantino really require zero introduction. Since we taped the episode, there were all these Oscars and Golden Globes that we're one another slam dunk for Quentin Tarantino. Finally. Finally. So let's take a listen. You're welcome, Queen. Yeah, Way made him fucking made, Tarantino. All right, you guys ready to rock? Okay, One thing I have to bring up, though. Of course. Okay, I'm excited. Well, sorry. Okay. I hate to sound like a soft cock. Alright, Eso I've been listening to your podcast and apparently still has my wife, all right. And, uh and actually she never bugs me about shit, All right? She called when I was in the car. All right, today, as we were going to something eso she had actually been listening. She she lives in Tel Aviv. Alright, So she was actually listening, Okay? She was just like, Look, I've been listening to this show. They play this game called Pastor Pound. You can't play. You can't play Pastor Pound, Don't you have a You have a pregnant beautiful model at home, and you cannot play Pastor Pound. She doesn't bother me about shit. She reached out from the Middle East. All right, give me a directive. All right. Like a ken competitive way back in Hebrew. I had no fucking choice way are, like, just so honored that way. That is incredible. Okay, No. Pounded her past e way. Well, if I could just leave that little mark on the show way that will be The whole interview were so psyched that you're here. Me, too. Me too. This is You know, I can't believe that this is happening. Very, very excited. Very like. Not as excited as there was about your sexual fantasy about Nancy Pelosi, though. That was a randy stuff. I saw the whole thing. I was like a movie. All right? E just does not hold back. I'm just trying to let out a little energy, You know what I mean? Yes, I have a million things that I want to know about, even like I just wanna just like, thank you for your movies like thank you and thank you. It's just genuine, you know? Just know genuine it. But you know that one of the biggest gifts that you gave us with this last movie was the joy, and it was like a gift. We're like, You knew you were giving it and it was part of the bit. Just like Brad Pitt Shirtless on a It was just like Here you go, guys. I'm just giving it to you and, you know, with the bow. And they didn't even didn't even dance off. But you just really let us have it. Absolutely, Absolutely. I was like, Yeah, I was like, Wow, this is actually the closest to homo erotica I've ever filmed. E it is very gauge. Very 19 seventies handyman going on the roof. It was It was perfectly done, but it was a sweet treat. You gave us our little caramels, and I appreciate it. I believe it was funny, because actually, in public, Brad is kind of shy about stuff like that. At the same time, he knows exactly what time it is. You know what time it s So it's like, uh okay, So I'm thinking maybe like okay, you unbutton you want but in the Hawaiian shirt and peel that off and then peel off the champion T shirt. Was this on the day, The day on the roof. All right. E really wanted to go through that button Bullshit, e Just I just take it off in one big dio thigh knows exactly what time it is. People what? They shut the fuck up and let let the master doing do his job, you know? And then just, even, like, even like when you see him in the, um the work shed. All right? And like the way he puts on the leather gloves and puts the wire in his mouth. Butch and macho. And he just knows what time. Wait a sec.
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