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Snippet of Anime Summit: Initial D’s Europop Soundtrack

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Last Played: April 07, 2021
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The song is produced by the Japanese label Avex Trax. The show perfected the Eurobeat sound, emphasizing the excitement of racing and the sounds of cars. The car racing show is the first anime to use Eurobeat music, popularizing it in the genre so much that it became a trope. Initial D inspired Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.
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cue the music. Well, okay, I'm going to buy my head to it. I hope I'm in tune to it. Okay, here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Initial D This is my first point running in the nineties, You know what I'm saying? And they were probably playing a totally different song right now, but that's fine. Look, initial d, this was from 1998 to 2014 thereabouts. And I've only seen the first, like, three or four seasons, I think. Well, first three seasons, plus, like a movie, and one of the ovaries has two boobs in it, by the way, just just shouting that out their initial D soundtrack. We're doing soundtracks, right? Just soundtrack. So we're gonna we're gonna briefly mention the O, P and E. D. But those are like, they're part of the soundtrack, but they're like we we got other episodes for those two. But look, this is this is this is by the producers a vex tracks. I believe they They are a like a Japanese label. And, like, they basically produce, like, Super Euro beat compilation albums. And, um so, yeah, they kind of combined all of that into into this show and euro beat is like it's basically they describe it really well on this Page two, see if I can find it. Oh, God. Scrolling all the way down. Okay. Well, you saw him. How do you How would you describe your Obi since I can't find what I was looking for? Oh, here we go. Superhero beat. Um, Euro Euro beat. I mean it. It drives from euro pop. And basically, there was like this, like, huge blow up of house music in Oh, yeah, because everything started with house. House was like or like, house and techno. Or like like seventies, eighties, early nineties. And then trance started showing up. And then everything, like, branched off from there kind of. And there's lots of sub genres and stuff. Um, basically Euro pop, Italian Euro disco dance, pop. Which There we go. Just known as zero pop. So like, and then that got really famous in the nineties here in America. You know, Eiffel 65. You could say that it was running in the nineties. Got him. Um, I feel 65. 80 c. You know, bands like that, um, and then you know, initial d like I'm not sure what it was like for their video games and anime. I'm not sure what why they decided to go with that kind of music, but it just works. And you kind of feel like it works so well that you kind of feel like any other anime or franchise that tries to use euro pop or Euro beat for their soundtrack. It's like a rip. It's like the ripping off. It's like it's like typecast. Yeah, yeah, the initial D already perfected it, started it and perfected it because, like, you can't do it any better because it's a racing show, you know, it's it's car racing. That's what it is you ever heard of Fast and the Furious that had that was inspired by initial D. Basically, I think initially is inspired by some other stuff, too. But, like, uh, everything is inspired by something else you know, on the shoulders of giants. But like true uh, yeah, yeah, Dude, the euro beat every time they play it. When they're racing down the hills and the and the tracks, it's like a different songs they got. There's a ton of song they actually have, like a lot of of soundtrack to this, too. And it's not just the European. They also have, like a bunch of others. The artist move M. O V E does a bunch of songs for them. They do kind of like the quiet moments they do some of the opiates needs because like there's the video game has all just like the crazy stuff, right? And so when the animal was coming out, they obviously made songs for other parts of the There's a lot of like, you know, more chill parts when they're, you know, during the character stuff. Um, but yeah, I mean initial. These are pretty basic show. It's racing you got. You got a little bit of a budding romance. You got competition between the between the factions and teams and all that and each character. And, you know, it's It's just like really good. And it's like a wacky show. Yeah, well, yeah, the European like it's It's really it's just really, like, emphasizes the racing and, like the excitement of it, um, you have the commentary going as it's happening. You got the you know, the sounds of the cars and the vehicles and the screeching on the road, and you know, the engines and everything. And it's just fucking awesome, dude, like, it doesn't get much better than that. So it's hype as fuck. I'm gonna start us out. Hype. Okay, honestly, as somebody who's seen the show and has played the game, I get justice hype drifting around Mount down Mount Akina, as I do, watching like the characters in the show doing it, even if it's a different song at the time. It's just like I feel like I'm in the passenger seat the way they do it, the way they fit it in there. It's so good, just a car whipping around a sharp turn, and then you gotta keep your glass of water from spilling, too. Little cup is not even possible. It probably is it. I mean, maybe it is your the it is if you're you know, if you're the drift that that's yeah, if you're that, do you do the thing where you take your hands to the steering wheel? It's like suicide, apparently, like in fast and furious Tokyo Drift, which was inspired by initial D and the actual like they're Apparently, there's a real life drift King of Tokyo. And he was in the movie. Oh yeah, trashes podcast to the whole episode on Like Drifting. Or they had a guest who was in that scene in, like the the car racing, drifting scene in Japan. They actually have, like, a really pretty, pretty strong scene there. It's huge, I would say. I mean, Japan is is not as big as like, the USA, but you know, they gotta. They got some fanatics over there. It's like super expensive, though. And he was saying, It's like if you want to drift in real life, you're gonna be dropping, like, 30 grand minimum per year. Well, then you're replacing your wheels. Yeah, yeah, it's like parts. It's car parts and like maintenance on your car. And God forbid, if you get in any kind of crash or anything, it's like that just shoots the price way up. So it's like but he was like, Yeah, even if you only go out like every like once a month or every other month, it's still, like 30 grand. It'll add up like super fast, so yeah, like they put their whole life into their car pretty much, which, like is like a big part of initial D is like the the whole. Putting your life in your car is like, huge in the show, too, So I mean, like, I don't know, man. The music, though, is like anytime. Someone, it's a meme at this point, like anytime someone mentions, like car thing, the some of the big tracks have, like, 100 million views on YouTube. Yeah, it's so fucking crazy. So I think I win on that front, Uh, win popular. I'm honestly surprised. I'm honestly surprised. None of us pick this the last time.
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