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Snippet of Around the World in 80s Movies: The Terminator (1984) | James Cameron

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Around the World in 80s Movies
Last Played: February 11, 2021
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Film writer Vince Leo shares some of the unlikely actors that were considered to play the roles of Terminator and Kyle Reese. Before Arnold Schwarzenegger was cast, OJ Simpson was slated to play the lead. Yet, ironically enough, producers decided that he was too charismatic and unbelievable as a remorseless killer. When casting Kyle Reese, producers had their eyes set on Sting. However, the singer was already cast in the movie Dune and Michael Biehn was chosen instead.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger had been originally courted by James Cameron. They met over lunch to discuss the Kyle Reese role for him. But Schwarzenegger had a certain trouble with his thick accent, especially at that time with the heavy moments of expository dialogue that he would have had to turn through. But during that conversation, Cameron was struck by how imposing this muscle bound actor Waas, and he reconsidered the appearance of the Terminator from his original concept of being kind of every man so that he would blend in. Initially, Mel Gibson was also a prime candidate for the Terminator role. Cameron style was very influenced by his impressions of George Miller's The Road Warrior. He ended up rewriting the Terminator to have a body builder frame so that Schwarzenegger could play that role and make it even more horrific. And despite his qualms about playing a bad guy, Schwarzenegger really wanted to be the hero. He was just Conan the Barbarian. He thought of himself as an action hero, didn't necessarily want to be the bad guy in the film. But you know he is the perfect casting for the role, even though Schwartz Singer thought it would be a movie that was not going to find an audience. He thought it would be terrible. Based on how he felt about the storyline as well as his role in it, he only agreed Thio take the role to try to gain a little bit more exposure in Hollywood with something that was a little bit more modern than a sword and sorcery epic like Conan the Barbarian. At the time, he thought his role would be a little bit too one dimensional to propel his acting career otherwise, even though it would be a defining role in his career. In the end, it's interesting to note here other actors had been considered for the role. One of them included O. J. Simpson and the irony here He was dismissed from consideration by the producers because he was too charismatic and likable. They could not see him as the kind of person who would be believable as a remorse lis killer, And that's almost kind of a joke that writes itself. As far as the Kyle Reese role goes, It's really hard to imagine now anyone else in the role other than Michael being. But at the time they were looking at rock star Sting primarily as an actor that Orion Pictures particularly had their hearts set to cast. However, Sting was already committed to do David Lynch's dune, so he couldn't really commit to the role many other actors were considered. They ended up settling on. Being being almost was not a consideration. He actually flood the first audition. He was still kind of in character from auditioning for another project Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. He had to have a Southern accent for that. There were still traces of that Southern accent in his voice when he auditioned for the Terminators. So the producers thought, No, not really what they're looking for. But he was given a second chance. His agent apologized and asked them to reconsider because he really did not have an accent coming from Nebraska. Definitely not a Southern accent anyway. So you have a really good cast here of appealing actors, so you got the foundation here for a potentially potent movie. At the very least,
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