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Snippet of At Home With Linda & Drew Scott: Karamo Brown

From Audio: Karamo Brown
Last Played: February 17, 2021
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Karamo Brown talks with Linda and Drew Scott (of Property Brothers) about finding common ground, becoming a father, and rephrasing the queer experience! The push for a healthy planet is intrinsically laced into racial justice, gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights, and they chat about it all.
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because that's the thing. There's two points I just wanna make. But you know, when you look at like when a brand or somebody does something bad and they just removed the Adam apologized. All the people who saw that ad before and supported it don't understand why. They just feel like, Oh, I'm being silenced and so there's no education that's really happening. And so it's like, Great, You took the ad off and so I'm I'm happy because I felt like the ad hurt me. But there's still a million people who are like, Why did that ad get taken off that don't have any education and who are getting coming up to you? And so there needs to be new ways of saying Hey, the ad, like we put the ad out and at the end of it say, You know, we realized this is wrong because of this, I would love to have a conversation or something. I don't know what it is because taking it off the air is just not going to help the conversation, and that's why we see things over and over again. And I experience is a lot because I always try to reach out. People are different than me and see their side and have conversations you all Like we said you met, we met at, you know, dancing with the stars. And on my season was Sean Spicer, who worked in the White House. I'm not a Republican. Thought the man lied the entire time. He was, you know, like as you know, the press secretary. But when I had the opportunity to be in his company, I was like, What? I'm going to use this. I got canceled. My kids got death threats. It was a mess I'm talking about, like, horrible. During that time, our trailers air right next to each other. And you know, his administration doesn't support LGBT people or women. Single women adopted. And so I would bring my kids thio the trailer all the time. Sean would talk to them, he would have conversations. He would say, You're such a great dad. His kids would meet my kids, his kids or younger, but they would play and and then one day I said, Hey, Sean, you know, um, you know, I'm really happy that we're connecting his father's and he was like me too. And I was like, you know, just that, you know, your administration actually would have denied me the opportunity to adopt because I'm a gay man and he was like, Yeah, that's horrible. And I'm like, Yeah, you know, So maybe next time you're talking to your constituents, maybe you can share this experience you've had simple not trying to, like, badger him over the head. Also, he's a vet. So I would have all of my vet friends visit, set and come in before we go into set. Like you all know the process and majority of them were trans veterans. And so he would be meeting them. They would talk about their service, they were talking about this stuff. And then I would be like, Oh, by the way, um, my friends who served that you loved, they're all friends And he'd be like, What? And I'll be like, Yeah, and I'd be like, I love that you all connected, you know, and that you would love to serve with them because you said you would love to have served with them and you appreciate their you know what the work they've done. I'm like, Could you pass that on next time, because now you've experienced these people and you had a different point of view before you knew there were trends. So does it really matter? And it's like those type of things you have to do. But you can't do him if you don't get next to each other. I'm with you 100%. I think for him to be able to see and create that connection, it just it makes him start an internal dialogue. Yeah, your interaction with your interactions with Sean. You know, it's so much more valuable than than an angry tweet, you know, telling someone to do something because it's it's literally embedded in his heart. And it's not just a memo. It's not just, you know, something that is fighting against who he is because he has come to learn that you guys air more. We're all more the same than different. Agreed. And I'm not saying that change is harder minds. I mean, he could still be out there doing like craziness, but I was like, This is the only chance I'm gonna get. So let me try. And that's what I think is missing. Thanks for let me be on my soapbox because I just want to Major soapboxes, e man. Thanks. Eso Tell me when you were growing up. You have three older sisters, three older sisters. So you're the baby. I'm the baby of the family to like my younger brother. My family, it's It's four girls and my brothers, the youngest baby. You're the best, by the way. You know, I'm not gonna argue with that baby's air the best. But how was your dynamic with your siblings? I didn't hang Wei hung out because they had to take care of me. I was the one that always had to get passed around and get taken care of. So they e I guess we hung out. They wouldn't call it that way. But now that we're older, we're like biggest Steve because, you know, our our father is still alive. But I stepped into the past 10 years, especially when I became a father. Became sort of like the patriarch of the family. So, like, all holidays are at my house, you know, everyone comes. I do a plan, a family trip. So now we hang out all the time. We talk all the time, and I just family is most important thing to you know you realize is get older, like going out is fun. But like I'm telling you, I will take and I'm gonna sound like an old guy now. And I turned 40 in November, but like, I would take a day in the house with my fiance and my kids stopping by. And then the family coming over were cooking and eating, and they're going to sleep over a club any freaking one 100% same with us, and there's a difference. We love to go out and dance from time to time, but there's a difference when of doing that and being like the creepy old guy at the club like, I'm glad that I'm glad that Lyndon are together because I have no desire to ever be that person creepy guy in the just with Linda. Speaking of family, you have a whole other family with with Queer Eye, and I want to hear a little bit of how you initially got pulled into the group there and what that experience has been like for you. It's great, you know, it's it's your managing for different other personalities, and we all have the same goal, which is really nice. But you know, there's times that they get on my nerves and there's times that they don't, you know. And I think also just naturally, you gravitate to people who are similar to you. Eso we all love each other. We all work really well together. But like Bobby and Tan, I gravitate to more on this not shady like with ants near Jonathan or anything. But Jonathan is the youngest out of us, and I'm the oldest. So, like there's gaps and even our conversations, you know, like he's always on his phone where me, I will put my phone down when we go to set and forget about it for, you know, 67 hours and then be like, Oh, where's my phone? And it's because I didn't grow up in an age where, like checking my phone was often, you know, I'm like, I don't feel like I have the post every single thing. And so Bobby is the second youngest and then tan. Culturally, we have some experiences, so it's great to have them. I mean, it's just it's good, you know, it's like you can't be having people you like that you get to go to work with. I mean, it's just the best thing you get to go work your brother. I'm sure like some days you're like you get on my goddamn mirrors. And other days you're like, This is awesome. You know, it's that same experience. How did Queer Eye come around for you? Was it you heard? Ah, posting about it. Or was Did somebody recruit you and pitched the show? The revamp, the show with you or no. So I had left social work social services four years earlier. Five years earlier. Four years under, Um just, like, start this journey of being a host.
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