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Snippet of Audio Gray Matters Radio Episode 9: Black Friday Night Fights: "The Brawl In The Mall"

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Sounds like a great title for a MMA Pay-Per-View event doesn’t it? But unfortunately, this isn’t a PPV event, this is the sad reality of the holiday season that just began. It seems like every year the violence in malls and retailers across the nation get worse and worse…yet retailers seem to up the ante every year. What started out as a discussion years ago about the holidays becoming less about family and faith and more about stuff we don’t need has now become a discussion about people getting hurt and killed over stuff they don’t need. A holiday that has people leaving their families on Thanksgiving, a holiday that is supposed to be about being with family and being thankful for what you have, to go buy stuff that they don’t need and fight people for it. Something is just so wrong when people are getting hurt on a regular basis and videos all over the internet show something that more resembles the hunger games than anything else. To help us understand what the hell is going on we have our good friend neuro-psychologist Dr. Julilan Osuji of the Dallas Neuro-Rehab Clinic to lay down some truth and to guide us on what we can do to stop this trend.
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believe their families to sell you shit that you just don't really need. Um and I might just sounding old when I say that. Or is there some truth to that? I mean, that's it's just it's okay to be a little jaded. I'm a little jaded. I'm a little frustrated, lot jaded. I'm a lot jaded by its pre face that because I love Thanksgiving. I mean, it's like the one time of year where you know, when you're married, sometimes it's like we pick one family. Then you switch off, off and on. You know, it's, you know, but it's that one time of year you really get to hang out with people and connect and just do nothing and just I don't know. And it's drink and be merry. I know, but it's kind a lot worse. It seems like every year, and I don't know if there's an interplay with YouTube and I don't know, but it's it's very disconcerting. So just like we always do, we had our intern intern do some research basically for us. Okay, now, So I first wanted to kind of get the whole idea. Oh, wow. So our intern just give us. So when we look at that real quickly. So our intern right now for Black Friday death count s so far is 12 death in 117 injuries. Just this that this year is that total? That is. Oh, wow. Over the last snap. Pretty much with last 10 12 years. That's crazy. I don't have any arrest. There's that's actually really Yeah. Well, yeah. Black Friday death count dot com that zoom in and of itself that literally somebody had the withdrawal to go. I'm going to register this domain name, and I'm gonna I mean, think about that for all for crap. We don't need this. I'm getting my jury voice. I'm getting all worked up here, but all right, I think this is a very big deal, right? So I wanted to kind of get a good, you know, some do some research, So had her intern reach out, talk to some folks and, you know, reached out some of our people, you know? And so So I first want to get all right. Let's talk about Christmas, right? We all know there's a war on thanks to me, but like, it's all for Christmas. Basically. Right. So I went Thio. Pastor Todd Garment. He is the pastor of Bgf Church in New York. Awesome guy. Awesome church. Looking to a church in the Columbus area and just want good, good folks that just just really are about being open and just meeting everyone where they're awesome. Church. I remember I gave you a plugs. Remember that? So I asked him like Okay, like So how did it get bastardized? How do you take a holiday? That's about you know, Christ and you and you brought up going it. We call it Xmas. It's not Christmas or Christmas. It's like we can't even call it that anymore. Yeah, that's a pet peeve of mine. But it's very true, you know? And so I kind of asked him like, All right, So how did this happen? And he goes, Well, very simply, he goes. So they take. It's about self sacrifice, right? Think of other people thinking about how you can help others. And then he said, Then it started getting twisted into Well, I'm gonna give gifts as a means to show that I'm thinking about you. How much I care about you. then it kind of got into well, receiving gifts from other people. And then because that's where I got kind of bastardized a little bit. You know, when you look at, because that's like the enemy, basically, you know, and what they want to call that Satan. You want to call that whatever it is, that's what time school. He's very open with, whatever the enemy is. You know, he kind of goes basically think about if you take how can I take something about self sacrifice? You know, a person who sacrificed everything you know, their own life for everybody on the planet. And then how do you mess with that? The most selfless, loving thing? Well, easily make it very capitalist. They make it about greed, make it about self serving interests, make it about vanity. And there you go. Well, this is America, after all it is now. We're not saying that there's anything wrong with capitalism. I mean, Dom, I mean, it's this whole idea about the great. We all think a little bit differently, right? You know, But it's, you know, capitalism is not a bad thing. It's just when we start having this happen It goes against the very grain of American, the American ideal, the values. And when we everyone talking about, we're not calling it Christmas, we can't say Merry Christmas. And there's a war on Christmas. Well, damn it, there's a war on Thanksgiving That's there's so much more bigger than so. Then I was like, All right, well, let's go to the advertising side of it. Right. So we have a good friend of ours working advertising a lot of years, and I asked them, Okay. Okay. Hey. What? So what's going on? He's like, Well, he goes Look at like this You make a lot of money on Black Friday. Long story short. So if you like a CEO of a company going, Hey, I had a crisis of, you know, you know that a conscious you know, And I think maybe we shouldn't do this anymore, because, you know, people are dying. He goes, Yeah, they're gonna get fired because the profits, they're addicted to it. You can't just change it, right? But then he goes in the same breath, though. It's lazy. Can you give a good example, Ari? I outdoors created their own out there. They have like this really cool hashtag and they tweeted it and that they did it last year. They're doing it this year. And he said smart companies will be able to use, um, you know, positivity. It's harder, he says, not azizia sphere and fear of missing out. But you know. But there's was Ari. I every day is a good data. Hashtag opt outside. And what they say is spending time outdoors is important. So we pay our employees to opt outside every black Friday and invite the world to join. But the opt outside is bigger than just one day. It's about our routines throughout the year. The ones we need and the ones we need to rethink. That is cool. That makes me wanna go and shop there. I have never shot the area. We don't have a Texas wow, very cool company. They're actually
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