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Snippet of Awards Chapter: Eddie Murphy - 'Mr. Church'

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Eddie Murphy explains why he doesn't read newspapers to use social media or read reviews of the things he's done.
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what's the biggest misconception about you? What do you think? People get wrong? Most often? I don't even know what people say. I don't even know what people are. I used to be the hippest off of them all. I used to know everything about everything. I used to read about everything that was going on, and I knew everything. I knew everybody's name and anybody that you would. That pop culture bill that's on. So anything that was written about me, I would read, and for the last maybe 20 years, I haven't. I haven't read a newspaper in 20 years or better corporate magazine. I don't read corporate magazines or stuff. I don't read stuff about me. I would really don't read stuff about me. There's like if some of there's an article about me, so when it's toe read through it before I even give it to me and I don't want to see anything as anything that anybody would say anything negative. I don't read any of that shit, so I don't know what you all think. I don't I don't have a computer. I don't have even I don't have any of that and that's just because you feel it's it's healthier. Just who needs it? It's not even just I didn't I wasn't interested in it. And I don't need to be on this social media and interacting with the fans. You're happy with a number of friends tweeting and tweeting that I just ate. Strawberry just never. I'm checking you all out while you're doing it, you know? But I'm not. Nothing has made me go. Yeah, get me too. I want to be on their with you all. E just had strawberries to I'm going to the store. Now look at this picture of this baby. Yeah, doing that. Well, just lastly, you know, we've been looking back at a lot of your life, and I just wonder if you had not found success in this field in the way that you did. What do you think you might have done with your life? What could have been if if there hadn't been that talent show or SNL or the things that have led you on this path? Yeah. If I didn't wind up doing this, I would have been a musician. I would have wound up being some singer or something. some artists there I would have been I would have been a musician who between songs would stop trying to be funny and always feel like E. We should just get to the fucking song. It's fucking jokes. Cost e been that?