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Snippet of Axe of the Blood God: Mass Effect Legendary Edition 2021 Updates

Last Played: February 26, 2021
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BioWare continues to use Unreal Engine 3 to avoid the humungous amount of carryover work. They desperately want a win because the last two games received criticism. The biggest controversy is that Eden Prime is completely repainted from an apocalyptic environment to a lush jungle world.
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Austin as someone who has not played mass effect and has heard that the first game is kind of archaic, and I do understand why some people might have prefer that. But I am just not interested in playing really archaic game that I'm kind of wishy washy on to begin with. Like I am obviously very curious about mass effect, and I know something absolutely must play. I'll probably love it, but I feel like I don't need the original crunchy experience to really get everything out of it. Well, I mean, it's not like the original mass effect was Ultimate seven or something like this uber dated RPG, where you have to like, really put yourself in the frame of mind to be able to enjoy it like mass effect. E mean, when it came out, it was still a very good RPG. It's just a little clunky in the way that it was coming out less than a year after the gears of war, right s. So everybody was like, wow, cover systems. That's amazing. Nobody's ever thought of this before. It was like a new It was like being enlightened singing wheel for the first time and it was also Bioware. Bioware was in a very different place where I talked Thio, one of the developers, and he was talking about how ah lot of the developers on bio on the original mass effect. We're just out of school and we're using technology like on riel engine. For the first time. I had, like, these huge I crazy ideas, which is totally reflected in the final set piece battle just in like zero G. And then you could like throat use biotics to throw enemies into space and, like the whole levels, like rotating. And it's totally crazy, like the scope and the scale of the original mass effect is really cool, and it kind of gets lost in mass effect two and three. So e think that that aspect really still shines through in the original mass effect. So it's dated, but not in a way that I feel is unplayable. I do appreciate the idea of theory journal mass effect being this this first project by these wide eyed, fresh game developers with big ideas and even though, well, maybe someone were kind of hard to implement, they had the energy to try anyway. my coverage is over at I g n. I actually appeared on podcast unlocked Nadia Way. We talked about mass effect, Legendary edition, and I totally forgot for a hot second that I was on an Xbox podcast and talked about how I was gonna be playing on my PlayStation five. E came to my house and broke my kneecaps e. On. I wrote an extensive preview also over at I G N, where I talked a lot about the different systems involved in the fact that the BioWare decided not to put it on Unreal Engine four. They stuck with Unreal Engine three, which was the original baseline engine for mass effect. They just souped it up a ton. They upper as the textures. They improve the graphics in a lot of ways. They tweaked the gameplay in a huge way, so it's not like it's super dated. It's just that they opted not to use the most recent technology because their argument was that it would have a been a humongous amount of work because most of the scripting from Unreal Engine three in the original trilogy did not carry over. So in effect it would have been a remake rather than a re master. And they were always focusing on doing a re master, which is fair, like doing a full blown remake would have been a wholly different exercise, and probably they would have had to release them as mass effect 12 and three, as opposed to a quote unquote legendary edition. And honestly, I think BioWare just desperately wants a win right now because the last two games have. Maybe you've heard have not gone super Well, yeah, they they haven't really had a W in a little while. And to be fair, it's not like they were ever, like, coy about the whole thing. Just Hey, here's the mass effect re masters, you know, it's not a remake. It is what it is. And I think people like myself are going to be interested to jump on and see what the fuss is all about. Yeah, I think that s so They started the project in, like, June of 2019, and it's really based on everything. The way that they talk, it really seems like the mandate was get this done on time and under budget or else BioWare magic or not, it needs to be done. I mean, I think the most disappointing omission. There are a couple of omissions. One was Pinnacle Station, which was this piece of DLC that's framed as a training simulator with a combat scenarios. Apparently the source code got corrupted, according to an interview, and this was something that they had. This was something that was kind of known way back in, like 2011, when the PS three version of Mass Effect two came out. And I think, I don't know, in any case, um, one way or another, Bioware discovered that the source code was corrupt, so they we're had a lot of heartache trying to get a restored and find a way to do it. But in the end, they could not quite do it another one. Another big omission is the multiplayer, which, personally, I don't really care because I'm like, I don't really want to play multiplayer with mass effect. I think of it as a single player experience. But actually that multiplayer mode was quite good. It did have hooks into the single player experience, and it's good enough that people are still playing it. Nadia. Oh, really? That's interesting. Yeah, because I mean, it feels like every multiplayer game still has a small audience. But there's always those diehards. Yeah, there There are people who are seriously into the mass effect three multiplayer. And I mean, the way that they framed it once again was it would have been a lot of work. We would have had to figure out cross play and cross progression, being able to do make goods for the people who are playing the original version, being able to bring them in in some seamless way. And that would have been an undertaking quote on par with basically redoing the entirety of the original mass effect. And there's a certain point where they had Thio draw the line and get this project actually done, Which fair? But if you want to talk about a comprehensive edition, um, well, having multiplayer would have made a comprehensive Yeah, I see both sides of the situation here on one hand. BioWare. Yes, it's part of the experience, and I understand how it would have been really hard to include the whole thing. On the other hand, I wonder if the people who are even playing BioWare online if they went to the new one. If they even like it, they'd probably say, Oh, this is not what I want to go back to the old ways Maybe I don't know. I think mostly it it really makes an effort to play very similarly to at least how mass Effect three played there definitely tweaks to the difficulty. They had a lot of quality of life improvements, like auto saves. Um, they change the aim cone and mass effect. It's still there, but it's a lot more generous and is more skill based than stats based, among other things. But when it comes to the actual, like the way that the characters move and things like that, it's very much intended to feel like mass effect on Lee, a lot prettier. So in that sense, the multiplayer people might still be okay with it. That's fair. Either way, we'll see who actually is just interested in mass effect when it all comes out. I think the biggest controversy right now is the very first area in the original mass effect. It's called Eden Prime, No audio on and in theory, journal game. It Z kind of apocalyptic has this red sky. It's a little menacing, and it's supposed Thio, I suppose, to be heralding what's to come as it were in the re master. They've completely repainted the level on Lee. It's this lush jungle world, and everybody is kind of going because it they felt like it. What's the word? Changes the feel of the original game that it takes away kind of the menace in the apocalyptic feel of the original mass effect. And I don't know, maybe when I played the original mass effect, I remember being distinctly turned off by You didn't prime because I found it kind of ugly. Well, that's fair. But I also like the idea. I've always been a fan of the calm before the storm. Like I I absolutely love nuclear disaster movies. And the moment before the missile strike, one of my favorite part of the movie. Yeah, and I mean that's very much what mass effect three original is is you go go onto a planet like what the heck is going on with these guess where they're trying to dio. And then things start to spin out of control as they go, but I have not played the mass effect legendary edition. Yet it was an entirely hands off demo where I also got to talk the actual developers game and former had a big old cover story about it. And I don't know, like, I think, that I'll be ableto have more comprehensive opinions once I actually see actually get to play the game. But for now, like when I look at the screen shots and look at the side by sides in the videos like I do like a lot of things, I like the fact that will have all of the d. L C I like that will have a universal character creator that's unified across all three different games. I like that we will have a the version of female Shepherd that was in mass effect. Three is going to be available across all three games, and she's kind of like she's become the most popular vision of what female Shepherd was all about. So there's a lot to love about this collection, for sure, but you still can't date Rex does that. All you want to do is you want to date the Kragen. Yeah, I'll take any program. Don't get me wrong, but I don't think they can reproduce or not easily. But I don't think you want to reproduce with a Kragen. No, it probably not really badly. That's one of the big things in the story is the Kragen. Jenna Fage was basically deliberately limits the population of the crow guns and is now putting them basically on the verge of disk.
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