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Snippet of BIG Esports Podcast: Jakob L. Kristensen On Competitive Versus Casual Gaming

Last Played: May 28, 2021
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The co-founder of Australis explains how from a holistic perspective, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the best game but competitively 1.5 is better. Kristensen considers every game as a living organism that changes and gets better as people play.
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look a Cisco fan and and ex aspiring pro players. It's great to talk to someone who helps to run, you know, one of the most most ever dominant teams in CS go. So it's good to have you the most dominant team ever. E. I guess you you'd be right to make that claim right because, you know, I guess an I P dominated in CS go in the early stages. But let's be honest. CS go. When I played semi pro was that stage and it was a terrible game back then, was full of bugs, have lots of problems and when you guys dominated, it was a much more competitive landscape. Yeah, I think you know, they had a great run, no question about it. But I think they also were by far the first wanted to really see the potential of the game. I mean, I remember my players back then who were switching from from source and 1.6. They were mainly focused on the fact that they could set fire to stuff with Molotov and they were just laughing while they were playing and they couldn't really take it seriously. And this game is never gonna be great, I think I think. And I peek I saw it early on and they invested their time and efforts needed Thio become the big the best. Yeah, I think like literally just saying it again. I think that people who are in the Eastport seeing these days don't realize how it really was not a good game when it first came out. And like the biggest global tournaments, like trying to think of trying to think of some of the names like, you know, face it, face it. Remember when they ran the first tournament with that N one a one s skin and that was huge tournament prize pool that was 40 k. You know, at that stage now, obviously, you know, a million dollar majors and etcetera, it's it's just pales in comparison. Yeah, I one example I always use when I laugh about these things I remember fragged by it ran an online tournament back in the day with 15,000 U. S. Dollars in prizes, I think, and they called it the Champions such sort of clash of champions. And it was all the major winners up until that point to face each other so fact. For $15,000 you could invite all the greatest team in the history of cops. Strike it cause a little bit more these days. That's pretty crazy. And the one of the things that was most exciting, like you said for fans and players alike, was the combination of stare source and CS 1.6. So for like those people who are watching who don't realize they were bitter, bitter enemies and usually it was region based, you know, here in Australia, we played source in the US They did have some, um, people stayed with 1.6, but primarily with source. But over in Europe, except for France, was primarily CS 1.6, but was fantastic to finally see like these two disciplines of people coming together, it's almost like the start of the UFC. It's like Who's gonna win like Karate versus Wrestler and the same with this? You got to see, you know, see its 1.6. You could see them as more purists. They prefer to stay with the old game because the game was a lot harder. You know, three bugs that became features, Um primarily, whereas source was I mean, if you go back and watch counterstrike source, you know, I used to think it was a hard game, but you find that mostly it's it's five bullets sprays to the chest where most of the Kills happened from. So it's a bit more of Ah, you could say an arcade game, I guess. Yeah, I think the problem is that, you know, you have to consider every game sort of a living organism develops and evolves. This is getting as it's getting played and as it's getting developed by the by the company behind it. And I think a lot of the 1.6 players tried the first versions of source and thought they were quite bad, and then they just never tried it again. And then when? When when people spoken about source, they thought of the source that they tried. Ah, year and a half ago, there was absolutely terrible, but the game was in a much better state. But I think at the end of the day, cameras are global offensive. This I would say from sort of a holistic approach, the best congressman game so far, but I think from from from There's probably a lot of people who will argue with me that from a competitive standpoint and sort of balanced perspective. 1.5. This is the Golden Child 1.5. There you go. So I guess it's like E guess. If you were to think of the birthplace of a sport as a whole, you have you have to give it to games like Quake Live 1.6 and and Starcraft. But you know, games have toe, they have to evolve. And I guess what makes these games so popular is not only the competitive E sports, but they have to be decent for casuals. And obviously Starcraft two and Quake. They're not as open for casual players to come into something like Cisco. So I guess that's why CS goes to reign. Supreme is a t one after all these years. Yeah, I think I think you You came at this card sort of the theme game. Need to look good in the game, needs to feel good, they need to flow. And I think you know no, no casual viewers who's gonna watch contract for the first time in their life if they watched 1.3 or 1.5 is gonna think, Wow, that game is really nicely balanced. They don't they can feel that they can see that. And I think, you know, contract Global Offensive has an expression that works quite well on TV, and it looks okay because, like, I remember, you know, I had a conversation back in the day when we did 1.6 tournaments with potential sponsor of a graphic car on. I said, You need to sponsor this tournament and he's like, I mean, you can run. You confront counselor at 1.6 with your own ball graphic card. Why should I spend my money on that? Like, Yeah, that that Zatz probably true. So I think I think, you know, Global Offensive has found a pretty good balance and looks good. But again, you know that this is the interesting thing about the sports compared to sports, right? You know, the platform upon which the the rules and loss are its's always changing. So imagine you know football. In a world where gravity also all of a sudden, could change, you could do new things with gravity, like football would be a crazy sport. So the reality upon which the games are set can can constantly change. And I think that's one of the things that that's really interesting about the future of the sport is where we're gonna go. Is that VR? Is that a R s and something we don't know anything about yet? And I think that Zatz what? What's really interesting about the spaces that we We have no way of saying what this is in 20 years.
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