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Black Hands: A Family Mass Murder In New Zealand

From Audio: 1. House Of Horrors
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In June of 1994, a seemingly ordinary New Zealand family was gunned down in their home. There were two suspects: one was dead from a single bullet to the head and the other was the only survivor, David Bain. Now, two decades later, the question of who killed the Bain family still remains.
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the first police on the scene at 65 every street are constables Kim Stevenson and Jeff Wiley. They are already inside the front gate, struggling to see in the pitch black. When Sergeant Murray Step pulls up. It's about 7 20 AM Stevenson and Wiley moved very slowly up the path, and when they get to the porch Step and Constable Liz Andrew joined them. They are shut out of the house because of distressed. David Bain was lying on the floor in his bedroom, won't open the locked door. Stevenson gives it three solid kicks, but it doesn't budge an inch. Despite the house, looking like a strong wind could blow it over, Step breaks a pain in the door with a bit of firewood from the stack on the veranda, cleans the glass out of the frame with his revolver and reaches through to open the door from the inside As they burst through, The officers have to push aside some spears and curios, which have fallen over in the hallway. They don't notice, but the day's newspaper, the Otago Daily Times, is on a cabinet in the hallway. It shows that despite the carnage, the police will find in the house. Somebody has performed a very mundane daily task. Yeah, step takes up the story in his evidence to David's second trial. When you got into that room, what did you observe? The accused was on the floor at the end of the bed, and this he was just inside the window, so that would place him pretty well. Between where the window is marked on the plan and the where the letter B is marked, he was on the floor in the fetal position. Um, I ran up to him and I had my revolver in the extended position and ran up to him. He was crying, uh, addressed me that they are all dead. They're all dead or words to that effect. Constable Andrew stands by the door and raises his revolver to cover Wiley and step As they go down the hallway, Stevenson asks David, how many live in the house You are six of us, David says. Stephenson goes into the room opposite David's bedroom and finds Robin Bain on the floor and appoint 22 rifle lying beside him at right angles to his body, is fully clothed and has one bullet wound just near his left temple. The first body has been found while he shines. His torch into the next room. On the left is one and here, he says, Lonnie at Bain is lying under a duvet on the bed, positioned against the fire wall of the room. She has three bullet wounds to her head, one through the top and too close to her left ear on the right of the hallways. Another room with a curtain across the entrance step pushes it aside with the barrel of his revolver. And in the subdued light, she's the body of a woman lying on the bed under a thick Dubay. He has discovered the body of Margaret Pain. She has been shot once, just above who lived. I mhm in Margaret's room. Sergeant Step sees another doorway and thinks it must lead to a wardrobe or a dressing room and doesn't investigate further. With three bodies found on the upper floor, the officers look for more between David's room and the room in which Lonnie it lies dead. It's a staircase leading to the lower level of the house. Step and Wiley slowly follow the stairs down and When they get to the bottom, they turn right into a dirty kitchen with dishes piled up in the sink. Step covers wildly as he goes right again and disappears.