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Snippet of Boarding Party's Pokemon DnD: Agility Challenge At Alluvia City Gym

Last Played: March 09, 2021
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The first gym challenger is an old man with thick glasses. Agility rings appear and the challenger uses a Farfetch’d while Dee uses a Teddy Ursa with honey. The agility challenge begins and Farfetch’s faints when a Skarmory swipes it out of the challenge.
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in the Golden city of Alu via a new prospect sets out to challenge Carla's Jim as D and mute size up their competition. Will they succeed or be blown away by their flying type opponents? What's up, everybody? Hello and welcome back at long last, at least for the two of us. For me, it's been ages. My goodness for you. Maybe not. I don't know. It depends where you're at in the rewatching thing, but that's that's none of your business at all. Because right now I'd like to officially welcome D Blackwater to the Larrys Jim Circuit. Oh, no. We join our humble and willing new recruit mhm in the Golden City itself. Alu via standing outside the large stadium ring d your little maybe a little nervous, maybe a lot ready. You got your trusty pal mute at your side mute, being a small teddy Ursa who looks a little bit like a black bear. And we've got a pollywog also at your side, newly newly acquired, newly acquainted, ever ready for combat and whatever this Big Jim has to has to offer you. Let's go, He's ready, right? As you take your first steps towards the door, Swing your way in. It's a dimly lit waiting room and there's a man standing burned a large red door. You here for the challenge? Uh, yeah, I guess. All right, cool. Good luck. Appreciate it. Kind of like a little bit of a hang loose thing. He's like, I want to reciprocate a protocol dictates station. He swings open the large red doors of the alluvial city gym. You see yet another massive space, but it's very poorly lit all darkness in here, but stood in the middle of the pitch. Mhm. As an older man, he's bold Dick Coke bottle glasses. My name's Hank. Do I'll be your first challenge board to my dad before we get started? I have one question for you. Are you fast enduring or strong? Pretty fast, then a race. It will be, Oh, are you fest in the error on the ground? Mhm. It's definitely on the ground, all right, and he whistles and a series of agility rings all descend from the ceiling or extend from the ground. The highest one up is only about five or so feet. They won't be flinging yourself around because you've got nobody Polly Wigs? Yeah. Just uses bubbles. Yeah, as Hank produces a poke ball. And from it, if there was a small duck looking creature holding a stock of celery Mhm. I looked down at mute. That's kind of a whole lot of fist. Or like, a fist bump. Let's get a little man balance. So don't. Yeah, he does what he can do. All right. Yeah, I forgot to mention one thing. It won't be so easy. It's just jumping through some hoops. All right, our lions scar. Marie up there is gonna be chasing you the whole time. Every slip up you make, he'll be there. He just goes, Yeah, There's a very tall, sleek silver bird perched up on some sort of observation unit just leering down over you. Mhm. Just look at me. You go. He's like, mhm. Yeah, Mhm. Are you not to detain? What? Mm. Are you ready? But his other baby do. All right. First things first, we're gonna get an initiative roll. Alright. The ground challenge is a little different from the flying, which is cool. We didn't really get to do this on a whole bunch of time. Do your racing a far fetched. Nice. Long known for their agility. All right, How did you do? 20. All right, you're going first as the far fetched is on the line. He's just thumping his little celery stick, getting himself hyped up long enough that he doesn't hear. Go and mutes like, All right, Your first hoop has a ramp leading up to it, and it's a little ways off the ground. The second one is almost flat, but about 10 ft after that, it looks like you have to tumble through it. It's gonna be a test of mutes. Acrobatic capabilities. Great. It's acrobatic prowess. All right. Do you need that? Yeah. So he's gonna be jumping off the ramp through the first ring. Yeah. Acrobatic. All check. 13. Alright. 13 is that it Throws himself off the edge of the rent, tumbles into a beautiful role, leaps through and knocks out two rings in here. Bingbing mutes. First round is a resounding success. As far fetched is like I could do that. I live here. Uh huh. He is also profoundly adequate. As he goes. Mhm just kind of throws himself at the edge of the ramp. Excuse yourself. Yeah, right. just jumps right on through as mute lands in like a power pose for our first is just Yeah. Okay. We're gonna roll initiative again. Oh, hey. Mm. Seven. Yeah. As mutes. Doing the superhero pose Professors. Okay. Mhm. And he runs further ahead. You see yet another ramp. This one's a little bit steeper. It looks like it's slicked with something. Okay, As he runs up, he continues to run up because he's kind of running and slip sliding back down. You get to your goal, but you have the advantage of knowing this room has been slipped with something. Question oil, perhaps water. Did he say? Oh, that actually gives me idea. Can mute. Kind of grab some of the honey that is within his for kind of stick it to his feet. Yeah, kind of thing. And to give him a little bit of grip? Absolutely. Yeah. Such as the advantage of having honey stuck to you at all times. Yeah, it's kind of gross, but it's also very absolutely Yeah. So we're gonna get an acrobatics check, But this time I'm gonna give you advantage because you're sticky. Nice. Oh, so 12. Okay. It's not as graceful as you'd hope, but he's kind of like, But you're able to get up to the top of the embargo. Just corgi flop. Yes, but you've knocked out Ring number three. Is you here? Mhm. At which point the scar Marie picks off like a shot. Far fetched. You're a failure. Oh, no far fetched picks. An amount of bludgeoning damage equal to one bludgeoning damage as the scar Marie's flying by. It just launches out one of its little flash. It's out of its wing, and the blunt end of it hits so far. Fetched little while a weed. You duck there. What? What? All right, next round of running another initiative role and 10. Alright. Farfetched. Once again, going first. But will it be enough? Mhm. Yeah, barely. And he's just There's a little bit of leftover honey and he kind of like 69 Yes, thank you. Thank you. Small bear as she just like trips off the side of the ramp. It falls through the third ring boom! Muted to your go. The next one is just a little ways ahead. But you're gonna have to do like a nice little jump tumble. Looks like There's some sort of Cal Trump style things on the ground around it. Great. Don't want to poke into your little feet, No.
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