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Snippet of Brainwaves - Board Game and Tabletop News Show: Episode 53 - Meddling Wizards

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Brainwaves - Board Game and Tabletop News Show
Last Played: October 15, 2021
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Ian and Jamie battle overflowing news tubes to bring you the latest updates from the board game and tabletop industry. Get the scoop on Golden Bell, the company known for its shady kickstarters, and learn why Orion Black quit his job at Wizards of the Coast—citing lack of diversity and inclusivity as the prime factors in his decision. Ian and Jamie offer their advice on dealing with Golden Bell (don't) and speculate about how Wizards of the Coast will address the lack of diversity in their offices.
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Jamie, What we're gonna do The H Q is cracking at the seams. There is so much of the news. Tubes are fool. They're getting clogged, their interns getting lost in piles of paper. And I have no idea is under some of this somewhere. E in the national news Urschel Damp, canny work anymore. It's ridiculous. We're doomed. E. Jamie. What's happened to you seem toe become Scotty meets Dad's Army? I've It's a bad Scottish accent because Monreal Scottish accent isn't really enough. Apparently. Don't worry. And I'm no medical workers. I'm doing the best I can. Look, look, look, Jamie, it's fine. We'll get the interns to put something like, you know, paper mache on the outside of the cube. That should keep the integrity going. While we go to the studio. We'll deal with the cast, get the news levels down, and hopefully that will resolve everything on by then, the cast. We won't have exploded. Yeah, but you can't break the laws of game physics. You can't. Can't just put Poppy mashie on it and call that kickstarted exclusive miniature. Well, I'm sure some companies have tried. Hi. Sorry. Don't know what happened there. Hello. It's me. It's Jamie Adams. Hi there on. I'm with Ian McAllister. Hello there, everyone. And that this is brainwaves. Episode 53 Bringing you the best in board game on tabletop Gaming news These are the headlines of the week of 20th of July 2020. The bell tolls again. Wizards contract More controversy on Auld Lang Sy as prominent games designer Get suspended from Twitter. All this and more on this episode of brain waves I would like to go into the headlines, but that pun waas both dreadful and amazing. So I've got to give you props for that in Thank you. It's my basically one job around here. Well, you say you're one job anyway. Yes, on with the headlines. First one. Now we have talked a number of times about Golden Bell studios. Uh, Ian, please. Impartiality year, please. They've had many various dealings with games. Companies aren't regarding Kickstarter on now. They've decided to forgo Kickstarter completely on set up their own crowdfunding site called the Giving Tree. Now, Golden Bell have previously been banned entirely from the Kickstarter platform due to numerous violations. I think when we covered it last, it was to do with the unbroken Kickstarter that had all sorts of problems with fulfillment on Golden Bell had been involved in some really big fulfillment issues to kick star on. Kickstart eventually just got fed up with, um, kick them from the site. And they've also been bound from board game geek for basically threatening legal action against people in forums. Well, then, well, they have their own crowdfunding site Now. Part of the new platform includes a rather strict contract, which locks partners into a perpetual inability to criticize Golden Bell. I can't even begin to imagine why they'd want that. Jamie. There are only a few projects up on the site right now, mostly for tie in merchandizing for shows like Lost. Well, you know, hit that up to date market. Nice one. Golden Bell. All the projects so far are from Golden Bell themselves, and I had a wee quick look through the projects just before we started recording. There's a few backers for each one on a lot of them are ongoing campaigns, which it sounds kind of like pre ordering product. Yeah, there's I had a we look around the site and there's a lot of like big donations from very few people to make projects look complete on This is obviously pure speculation on my part, but it doesn't. It looks a bit weird. I mean, it's a sort of thing, you know, like if you saw on Kickstarter you think it's a bit weird, So yeah, I am not sure. Obviously, we're going Thio say here are three ways that you should avoid the site at all possible costs because Golden Bell don't deliver properly on our really litigious. I'm just not very nice company to work with. By all accounts, I was gonna be a bit more diplomatic and say they have a slightly story of reputation. But the opinions of in Macau student not necessarily represent those of the giant brain and brain waves as a whole. If you have any complaints or correspondence, please meal into at Ian McAllister. Speaking of Ian McAllister, Ian, I believe you've got a story now on our last cast. We mentioned Wizards of the Coast a couple of times with their diversity statement on also parting ways with a particular artist. After accusations of sexual harassment, wizards have experienced a fume, or employees troubles of recent. On July, the third Wizards of the Coast employees, Orion Black, announced on Twitter that they had quit her job. Ryan is a black, non binary writer and was working for wizards for about five months. Orion issued a statement relating to their own experiences and working on Dungeons and Dragons and calling out companies. Recent diversity statement that we reported on the statement is pretty long, so we're not going to read it and feel well, obviously linked to our show, notes In summary, though Ryan said that engaging on social media with people that were critical of was the Coast could lose your job, that they had to go looking for jobs to do within the company on that they were not nurtured. Like other white writers, some of their work was stolen that Wizards do not listen to the voice of those who call in to task on issues of a diversity and representation on, then released a statement saying they have to do better on such matters. Ryan statement got show of support from all over the gaming community, including that of Greg Tito, whose Wizards senior communications manager Tito expressed regret the way things have gone down a Quazi, and it was being taken to the highest levels of the company. Quoting from his tweet a conversation between Tito and Sheriff Jackson, who's the D M or popular actual play podcast on show Rivals of water deep revealed frustration from Tito at wizards, lack of diversity at the top of the company, a conversation he has been trying to have for many years. This is not the only time whether it has come under fire for its lack of diversity and inclusivity in recent months. The star of June Z um Beg a prominent Magic, the gathering personality formerly of Channel Fireball, released a statement accusing the company of further racist leanings in their hiring and creative practices. What you have issued an apology to ride on July 10th, naming them specifically, which kind of indicates that they are aware what happened was not acceptable. That said, the apology has been considered to not go far enough at this stage by a lot of prominent figures in the Dungeons and Dragons community, with many calling for actions and not words
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