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Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best
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Last Played: October 16, 2021
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Busy, Caissie, and Shantira have an honest conversation about apologizing and how important it is to apologize the right way.
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I don't know, But the point being like I also don't love when people post texts like that on it. I don't know whatever. That's just a personal thing. So I just wanted to post like a cozy photo of a paw of Gino's Sweet Pa and then just say, like, genuinely e feel like gross about this. But it's not about me. You know. I'm just really sorry if anybody, if it felt gross or felt upsetting or hurt anyone in any way or even just made someone feel like that's a bummer, you know, because even that's the stuff that chips away at you, right? It's like it doesn't have to be like a huge thing where you're like crying on the ground. If you're a person who is constantly experiencing some form of, you know, being, um, like, marginalized in some way right. And certainly we know that people are are mean to people who don't conform toe like a very specific body type that is like, I don't even know step by who we don't know right now that it's like I thought it was great that you apologize just because you know it sets a standard of like being able to apologize, which a lot of people are really terrible at. Just very, very bad at apologizing. And by the way, you know, I mean, you can you apologizing is like a learned skill, and you might suck at at one time and get better at it another time. If you ever do it more than once in your life. It's also hard if you've never been apologized to as an adult. I have, uh, learned, you know, from moving away from home. My parents have apologized to me. I have I learned boundaries from my parents. Really? Truly. And I didn't know about that until I met a bunch of people who had no boundaries. And it had never been apologized. Thio. So, like, my dad and my mom have both sincerely been like, I'm sorry about that. I'll never do that again. I respect your feelings. And then I got into the real world and I was like, Yeah, but like when my dad apologize and they were like, Whoa, your daddy did what I was like Well, he said he was sorry. And then he kept that promise and never did that I said that again and they were like, Yeah, like, that's not a thing. So I do believe that there are people who have never genuinely being apologized to when they've tried to set boundaries and when they made their feelings known. So it doesn't learn skill that a lot of times you learn after you are in your growing up childhood home. You like, learn stuff when you're like a full blown adult, and then that's where it's a decision. Because when you grow and you ain't gotta learn shit, maybe maybe there's like an apology consultancy business that you know, like If you want to run your apology by me, I'll be happy to tell you. Hey, Casey, you basically do that. I've asked you to do that for people before. Yeah, it's true, It Z, This is true. Like she's, she's Ah, she's good at it. Here's the deal, though. You have to be willing to hear it. Yeah, that's that's the thing. A lot of times people will say like, you know, and working in TV, you know, especially like live television. It happens more than ever. Anything, any live format, people fuck up. You know like we We fucked up between the three of us, like 11 times since we hit record on this podcast today. Not even knowing, you know, so it hap
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