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Calming, Deep Breathing Practice

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Guided Meditations
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Last Played: December 15, 2021
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Listen to this calming, deep breathing practice. With visualization of holding a ball in your palms, you can return your focus to this vision when your mind begins to drift. Take a moment to check-in with how you're feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally. Give yourself permission to feel.
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in this practice, we'll use the rhythm of our breathing to move the hands as if they're holding a ball that is expanding and contracting with our lungs. Keeping the awareness with the movement of the body. While breathing deeply, we'll bring you back to a state of calm. Begin seated either in a comfortable, cross legged position on a pillow or blankets if necessary, or if sitting in this way is not accessible for you. Sit up tall on a chair with a feet grounded, making sure to sit forward on the chair so is not toe lean back. Make any adjustments needed to balance out your seat. Rest your palms facing downward on your thighs. And once you found your comfortable position, gently lengthy, eyes closed. Take a moment to check in with your current state of being. How are you feeling right now? If there are challenges that you're facing, recognize them and forgive yourself for your part in those challenges. Give yourself permission to let go of them. In your mind, being open to coming back to a place of peace and calm. Let's check in with the body. Now be aware of the earth beneath you. And if you can imagine, or see with your mind's eye visualized roots growing from the floor of your pelvis down to the earth as you see yourself being planted, feel your strong roots firmly connecting you to the earth, honoring with gratitude the support that Mother Earth is always lending. Now that you are grounded, begin toe. Lift the torso up and out of the hips, gently and subtly drawing the shoulders back toe. Open up the chest and heart center. Relax the abdomen and now breathe out deeply through the nostrils, drawing the navel towards the spine. Hold the breath for a moment at the bottom of the X elation. Now completely relax your belly and breathe in slowly and deeply through the nostrils. Recognizing how the belly expands on the inhale at the top of the breath, take a slight pause before exhaling slowly and evenly flow into your ex Elation with the exhale extending a bit longer than the inhale again. Draw the naval in empty the lungs, relax and expand into the belly and draw the breath in through the nostrils, continuing to breathe in, deeply noticing how the ribs expand as you fill the lungs at the top of the breath. Pause, Roll into the exhale and feel the chest soften, the ribs dropped and the belly contract at the bottom of the X elation. Subtle pause before breathing in again. Deep, slow breath in pause and soften deep longer. Exhale out contracting the belly pause. Relax the belly while moving into the next inhalation. Now continuing with this rhythm of breathing deep, inhale pause deeper, longer Exhale, pause. Place your hands as if you're holding a ball the size of a basketball in front of your belly. Take a moment to connect with the sensations in your hands and see if you can feel as if there is an object between them. Visualized this ball that you're holding, seeing the size of the ball, any colors or designs on it and feel the weight between your hands, making sure it's not heavy. Still, holding on to your ball. Reconnect with your breathing. Take a deep breath in pause. Roll into the exhale while gently pressing your hands together, slightly, deflating the ball as your lungs. Contract and expel the breath at the bottom of the exhale. Hold and feel how this shape and weight of the ball has changed and then roll into your inhale. Now, feeling your ball, belly and lungs all expand at the top of the inhale. Take your slight pause and once again notice the feeling between your hands. And if you can feel how the ball has changed in size and weight, move into your ex elation and continue with this breathing pattern, noticing how the ball deflates and inflates with the movement and rhythm of the breath throughout your torso.
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