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Snippet of Camping Considerations & Motorcycle Maintenance on the Road

Last Played: February 09, 2021
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Traveling by motorcycle is exhilarating, but also challenging if you are considering camping "wild" (ie, not in a proper park). In this snippet, the panel considers what matters when putting down your head under the stars, while listening to each other's first-person camping experiences via moto. Some questions considered include camp location choices; road/privacy considerations; planning and water; and what to do in urban spots.

Shirley Hardy Rix & Brian Rix - Authors of motorcycle adventure books: Two for the Road, Circle to Circle & The Long Way to Vladivostok -
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we'll see about anything. I'm sorry. Talk about camping in no North America. We kept a lot in the national parks in North America and I used to think it was so funny. You'd see these signs saying, If a bear comes into your campsite bang, your source been leads together, that would be terrific. I thought if we had saucepans with lids and the other option was, get into your vehicle and lock the doors. A great piece of advice if we had a vehicle that had doors, Yeah, that za difficult. I remember banging pots together because I had a cougar wanting Thio to take a bite out of me, and it did nothing at all. So I'm not totally sold on the on the pot back anything? Well, I was very disappointed. We didn't see a bear that close up except when there was a whole lot of people around and they all got into their vehicles and we got onto the bike and the bear walked past, then just sort of looked at. The bikers have to say funny looking car and kept going. So that was cool. Well, Sam had mentioned that the two road thing and granted said he likes even three roads. Anyone else have any, any sort of tips that you use while you're riding along and looking for a camps pot? How you're gonna find a spot in area that you don't know? There was something that occurred to me when Sam said earlier about covering up the reflective things. Very, very good advice. It's so annoying that they do tense with reflective guide drugs and little things like that because that's the last thing we want is Wild Campus to a little hint is your mirrors, of course, will reflect. Like Andi, I even put my socks over my mirror because they generally need airing anyway. Or if you boots wet, put your boots over the mirrors, which has two things were three things. It stops the mirror re mirrors from reflecting. It gets some air in your boots and it stops anything from crawling in your boots because one of the most important things to do and you will never only ever do this once is what is not. Check your boots before you put them on in the morning because there could be all sorts of nasty things in there if they're hanging upside down on your mirrors and nothing's gonna crawl in and in the first place so it keeps the air and your boots it stops rang going and it stops creepy crawlies for going in. It stops the mirrors from reflecting Because I when I found wild camping I try and like to find that a little bit of engine dating landscape because if you could just being a little dip if people are standing, they will just look over the top of you and it z very important. I think being hidden is one of the most important things. I mean, I won't use my headlight or anything. A Z we've said in the previous episode tend not to cook, So don't worry about stones or fire smoke or anything. But I think being discreet is probably the biggest number one roll of wild campaign. Yeah, absolutely agree with you on that one. Stay out of sight in late and go early in the morning. Did you guys do that on purpose so that no one knows you can't there back away in this latest I can personally, for for us it depends on when we're finding a camping spot because quite often you know will be sort of two o'clock in the afternoon and we'll go past a road that looks likely. And because we're not under time schedule pressure, we'll go from meander down there and see if it's a nice ride and, yeah, we'll find a camping spot in it, right? It's two o'clock in the afternoon. We'll stop. We'll just sit and enjoy the afternoon or go for a walk. But sometimes it will be a little bit later, but we always try and stop early anyway. So we'd like to find places in daylight for us pulling in somewhere in the dark where you can't see and you can't tell what you're putting your bike on, and you can't tell whether your side stands just going to sink straight in the ground or whatever else it is, their horses chewing cows, chewing your guidelines. Then, yeah, so we like to pull in when it's still plenty of daylight, but quite often we won't actually put the tent up until the lights almost gone. E can't remember pulling a roadside pull out and waiting just for that, waiting for dark to come to put up our tent And as we're sitting there, there's some other people there were thinking like Come on, Go, go there. They're gonna go Eventually. It turns out these two other people were doing the exact same thing we were. They're waiting until waiting for us to leave. So we all camped there that night. We even got to know the neighbors a little bit way were forced Teoh camp in Pakistan on the side of the road One night we got stuck Foreigners weren't allowed to ride or travel on the roads at night And we're with a couple in a four wheel drive So we headed off into the into the scrub on the start of the road And And the four of us slept together on this side of the road and had something to eat without lighting fires and everything But we should needn't have worried No one was gonna come within Kui of us a Sui discovered when the sun came up in the morning We were parked right at the edge of the cemetery Good spot cemeteries before
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