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Lily Hope Gets Real About OnlyFans

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Last Played: October 31, 2021
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Lily Hope, host of the podcast Freak in the Tweets, shares their opinion of the new documentary "Only Fans: Selling Sexy" and discusses the lack of inclusive representation in mainstream spaces. The documentary features the stories of highly successful OnlyFans account holders who are predominantly cis-gendered sex workers— a population that is not wholly representative of the other identities on the platform.
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mhm. What do you think? Okay, um, cactus. I agree with most of what you said, and I agree with a lot of what Emily said. I watched it, and I was like, This is cute. Like I'm not. I'm not mad at it, but the more I thought about it also like full disclosure. I, like, kind of watched it when it was, like, really late at night, and I was very tired, but, um, that could also skew my opinion. But I, um I mean, I agree that it's great they had men and women and and it's like definitely like a women dominated industry. But for me, like I'm non binary, they had no non binary people. Um, and that honestly, that contributes to people saying like My dear people don't exist because when you don't include us in statistics in any sort of media, it's very easy to be like, Yeah, like both genders were represented. So that's, like one take their again like the l G B T Q plus umbrella is so wide that, like I would have just been happy if if the guy who is, you know, pandering to the gay community was actually gay. Um, at that point, I would have just been like, Okay, thanks. Um, but again, like not giving out ally cookies were over that in 2021. Um, yeah, I think presenting it in a way that glorifies only fans is kind of. I mean, they talked about Bella Thorne and her kind of breaking only fans with her presence and like, making so much money for her first day. Um, but like when you glorify the platform and only show people who have major success, that's going to prompts a lot of probably young and naive people to just be like, cool. I'm making an only fans right now. Um, and that's something that I saw, like with people like Bella Thorne joining and like earlier last year, like Caroline Calloway joins. Um, just like a lot of other creators who are famous for other things like, Yeah, cool. Like celebrate your body. But also your just kind of disregarding that this is a means for a lot of people survival, um, or primary source of income. And you have income like that's gentrifying. I think they said it in the documentary. It's gentrifying the space. Um, yeah, I've been talking a lot, but those are my thoughts. Based on what you two said, I absolutely agree with what you said about the fellow Thorn and these celebrities coming in and gentrifying this space that made it possible for people to make income And now actually sent this to the candy girl Instagram and we posted on our instagram story today There is a tweet of somebody who were posted of this. I'm not gonna say their gender, but I was gonna say girl, but you know, the person who may bought their first apartment because of only fans And then somebody retweeted it, quoting and saying that the like There's a top percentage. They make most of, like, 73% of the income that people make on only fans. So it's like a very skewed, um, perspective of what people actually make. And, um, kind of takes away that space from the people who are really, really trying to be seen. And then, you know, I think we've heard even in our last episode when we talk to Ivy Plant gal, um, we talked about promotions and all these ways that these top people are making money off of the bottom people just to be able to the rise to the top. But that's not something. Of course, that was talked about in this documentary. Um, but what? I think I So when I joined only fans in 2000 and 18, um, it was it was like an adult friendly. It was kind of like patreon that happened to be, like, adult friendly. And everybody's like, Okay, let's try it out. So it was mostly marketed. They allowed it and had card processors for adult performers. But I don't think that that was their main goal for how they started. Um, and I think that's why they continue to only boost creators who are celebrities and who are not sex workers, like not anywhere on their platforms. Will you see them talking about sex workers at all? They don't promote them. They always promote like, oh, they actually they talked to this guy. Don l um, whatever his name is, I'll find it. Um, Donnell Rawlings. Um and they, like, approached him asking him to come onto the platform because they wanted it to be less sex worker central. Um, so I definitely think there's like a skewed perspective of what only fans is trying to make, Um, and how they're this entire environment and what's being created right now is making it harder and harder for people who want to make it their only income to be able to make that.
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