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Snippet of Casefile True Crime: Case 18 - The North Hollywood Shootout

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February 28th marks the 24th anniversary of the infamous North Hollywood Shootout that followed Larry Phillips Jr. and Emil Mătăsăreanu's robbery attempt at the Bank of America in 1997.
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the vault, Emil was becoming furious. There was nowhere near the amount of money you thought they would be due to the large amount of recent robberies, including the two at Van Nuys. And when that car that Larry and Emil had committed the Bank of America had changed its delivery schedule, the North Hollywood branch still hadn't received their cash delivery. He started firing his weapon out of frustration. The police outside the bank could hear all this automatic gunfire being led off. The call was put in for SWAT to attend 44 shots being fired from inside the bank. Looking out, 40 more shots were being fired from the suspect that Laurel Canyon, north of Kittredge at the Bank of America. Can I request a lot? Respondents Location requesting 18 for SWAT. Police had the bank surrounded. Officer Haynes and Whitfield. We're at the intersection of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Arch would Street to the north. They had a good view of the northern doorway. Officer Brent Linger was east of their position, covering the north eastern side of the bank. First officers on the scene, Farrell and Perriello. We're still in position in the southern parking lot. Detectives Krulak and Angela's had been joined by officers of War van and Officer guy in the parking lot opposite the bank on the western side, and there was still plenty more police officers on the way back inside the vault, Joe had placed $303,305 inside of meals back Bodine amongst all that cash with $3 packs, Emil walked out of the vault towards the tele door. Larry are the actual bank employees. Open the door. Open the fucking door! Sheikh employed Larry, then yelled to the security guard that it was time to move the people to the vault. Larry and a mule had been inside the bank for seven minutes. It was near 9 24 AM It was at this time that Larry burst through the northern door of the bank, looking straight up towards the intersection of Arch Word Street and Laurel Canyon Boulevard, where officers Haynes and Whitfield were without a second of hesitation. Larry opened fire first that Haynes patrol car. The three civilian witnesses were still in that area, too. They all immediately dived for cover when the shooting started. Okay, Whitfield was behind his patrol car, which was parked next to Haines. Larry told game at that and unleashed on him. A swell bullets easily ripped through the car and struck Officer Whitfield. Okay. Mhm. Which now tense. What has been out of rapid automatic fires? A pad in the area with fire. Just buy it. Hold on. There was a change. Help! It's now 40 is requesting help. Personal for your location. E. Thank you. All units, I now unite advisers. Large shots fired. 500 block of Laurel Canyon. Wait. You know doctors requesting how loath Bank of America shots are being fired? High way. What is being notified? Called me. All officers, stay down. Shots are being fired from a K 47. There's an officer down. I'm gonna help Kevin hit yourself. Sit down on the top. Floor came in and kidney stew down. As Larry started firing to the North, officers of Moravian saw an opportunity. Hey was to the chef west of him, taking cover behind the Locksmiths kiosk with Officer guy and detectives, Cruel lack and the Angelus. So in effect, Larry almost had his back turned to the Barbarians position. Zubara van took the opportunity. He stepped out from behind his cover and fired two shots from his pump action shotgun. Some of the pellets did strike Larry in the back. One even found that Japanese body armor and struck him directly. Mhm. The hit caused Larry to stumble, but he didn't fall. He turned around to face the Bolivian, who by now was making his way back behind the locksmith kiosk. Larry opened up on the chaos, falling over 100 rounds into the building. It was very flimsy. Cava bullets were going through the walls easily. Rick is shining everywhere. The officers hit the ground suburban and God had body armor. But the two detectives didn't realizing this. Zubara van placed his body over the top of Detective Angela's, and only a few seconds later he was shot twice. He started bleeding heavily. Way any of you know how many officers are down? We have one more than more than there's more than one officer down water looking on any roger way for you. One other officer having hit we are declaring a tackler. Tara is the rules. What is being notified to airlift After unloading on the locksmith kiosk, Larry turned around back to the north, back towards Whitfield Pains and the three civilian witnesses. Pains was broadcasting on the police radio when Larry opened fire again. This time, he struck Haynes, hitting him in the upper left arm. The patrol car was offering only minimal protection. The bullets were destroying it and mostly going straight through it, Tracy Fisher could say. Her cover dwindling away. She tried to make a run for it, but she was struck in the foot. Before she got anywhere, she dropped back down behind the patrol car. Horan had also been struck with a bullet. So there was now three people behind the patrol car of Haines, who had been wounded, including Haynes himself. Back behind the locksmith chaos, Detective Krulak asked officers bar over. And if he could run despite being shot, Zubara and said he could. They tried to get the safety. Using vehicles in the parking lot is cover, but Larry spotted them and unleashed more bullets. They were hit and cut with the glass and other fragments off the cars and the ground. Krulak was struck in the right ankle. They managed to spot the doorway and made a run for it, Larry. Still peppering them with bullets, they managed to crash through it. They didn't have time to stop and open the door, so I just thought to right through the glass.