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Snippet of CenterStage Episode 15: George Foreman on His Grill and Big & Tall Outlet

From Audio: 15. George Foreman
Last Played: February 16, 2021
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Foreman got involved with the clothing store because he couldn’t find clothes for himself. He also chats about the journey with the grill he’s identified by. Foreman is happy to be synonymous with the grill because it works.
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Now you're a fashion designer with casual male, big and tall shops. Tell me about this. You know, I wanted to go medal in 1968. Couldn't find clothes that fit me. I had this cost. Small weight, waist, big arms, big shoulders, big guys. You have to find a big and tall store to fit a person like me. I've always had. And I was only 2. 18 today. My wife would go out and shop for my kids to the shopping center. They all come back for church. Ah, sweatsuit. They can't find anything to wear. This is a chance to spread their message. Uh, George Foreman comfort zone. How to get in and get some clothes to fit. A guy who's 65 Some of these guys 65 little thin legs. They still need clothes. You're looking sharp in that suit. Oh, yeah. You got to show them and in tuxedos to find clothes so everybody could look as good as George Foreman when I dress up reasonable prices to know you're not just a commercial spokesman for this. You're on the board of directors. So you're active with this is really been ah, wonder for me to be a part of something great like this, they are growing, and I'll get a chance to grow with them and then introduce the world. There are a lot of kids. You can you imagine the football players. You see an NFL and basketball players in the NBA. That's only a small percentage of the big and tall guys who don't make it to get these expensive Taylor's. Where did they get fine clothes? How do they look? Good. Find George Foreman, and you know, people always think about big and tall. They think you know if you're fat, but that it's not that you could not understand that only if you even our big you still need to look nice if a gigantic guy. I was £315 when I decided to get back into boxing. I got all the way down. Of course, the 2 29. But I needed close to feel comfortable and feel good about myself, and you can't run from it. You gotta feel good about yourself. The more activity, the nicer clothes you wear, you lose weight and you get winks. What differentiates a George Foreman design from something. And do you actually sit down with people I get a chance to put in there like this? Beautiful. Sure he isn't that nice, right? I mean, it's something you would wear on television s so you can go out and buy these things that even the flax and what differentiates the thing is the comfort zone. We got some guys sit there and one of the eating the shirt get a little tight pants, and it just expands. You go out and do some road working to go right back down. But the point is, be comfortable. My favorite color is comfortable now. Casual Merrill Male knows what it's doing because you you can move product. And the product that's now become synonymous with you is the George Foreman lean, mean growing machine, Not the fed out of your diet. Everybody in this audience owns one every single one. Now, did you think it could ever be this big? Not at all. I wanted I found the grill. Of course it was sitting up and some people asked me to get involved. I said how much you're gonna payment? They said nothing. You could have the grill put your name on it will just be a partners. I said, Yeah, right. So finally, my wife told me they sent one home to try. She had been using it for weeks. She finally asked me to use it. Lo and behold, it was slanted. All the grease went away. The food was still tasty. I started using. They said, Are you gonna do it? George? I said, Send me five. I would think about it. I just wanted it for me. It worked. I'm training and all these different training camps. I was cooking my own food, not burning my hand, easy to clean, easy t o get back and put away. And finally we did an infomercial and people walk up to me in the airport and said, George, the doctors told me the grill can help. It's really happened. I look how much weight of laws and it became. It's something to smile about. It made me happy. The last thing that came to my mind was making money with that grill. Really, I never thought about it. It was a service. Now the thing that I heard that really moved the grill you were doing infomercials, and it was okay, was. And then one day you just picked up a burger while somebody else talking and ate it. And that put it over the top. Yeah, you're sitting there and the guys talk and talk and talk, and you find that man, this burger is gonna get cold. I And I guess they realized the guys just not doing a commercial. He does. He's eating this stuff. It's so incredible that George Foreman, Ah, two time heavyweight champion, is almost identify more with the grill. Does that bother you at all? Not at all. I was in, uh, Memphis that it's been a while back, and there was walking down the street from teachers. Had some head start kids. They said, Look, that's George Foreman And the teacher started explaining. He was an Olympic gold medalist heavyweight champ to time, and the little kid looked at me and say, said, That's the cooking man. Eso it's the grill had taken over your call with that, though. I love it because the grille works. It works. If it had not worked, I wouldn't like the identification of
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