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Snippet of ‎Changing Minds with Owen Fitzpatrick: Ep. 44. The Art of Winning the Day

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Whenever you wake up, decide to start the day right by priming yourself to be in a good mood and practicing gratitude.
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So let's start by talking about starting the day, right? And so the first thing is that whatever you wake up so often, people allow how they feel as a result of sleep to dictate how their state is going to be. So in other words, we allow our sleep to determine our emotional state, and that's just not useful. Instead, what you want to be able to do is you want to be able to make it so that you decide what state you want to be in. So how do you do this? Well, you do this through prime ng yourself. Primary means finding a way to build or create the kind of feeling that you want to feel So that right there first thing in the morning, you dictate how you're going to be feeling. So what kinds of things can put you in that good moot? Is it watching your favorite comedy or watching something? You know, your favorite type of video? Is it dancing? Is it playing music? Is it dancing while playing music? I kind of assumed that dancing would involve music, but, you know, I don't know. Sometimes people like to dance. Whatever no judgment without music. But what is it that puts you in a good mood? Probably don't recommend ice cream, because that just gives you a sugar high and then puts on pounds and stuff. But what can put you in a good mood first thing in the morning and do that start to do that more often? Another thing you can do to start the morning right is to practice gratitude or writing a gratitude journal. The Gratitude Journal is, whenever you do early in the morning, you write down three specific things you have to feel grateful for. And again, you might have heard me mention this another podcast. But when you write three specific things that you have to feel grateful for, it trains your brain to start to look at all the reasons that you have to feel good in your life, as opposed to all the reasons that you have to feel shitty. And so you orientate your brain to look for the good things. Now the key is don't just go. I'm grateful for my family. I'm grateful for life. I'm grateful for health has to be specific. Otherwise your brain kind of goes on. That's just bullshit. I'm not thinking about that. So make sure it's specific, really specific, the way your husband or wife looks at you, the way your dog looks at you, whatever a lot of looking being done there. And my gratefulness, even though I don't have a husband, wife or dog, although getting a dog would be pretty cool, bit more personality than Alexa Alexis being kind of kind of boring kind of one note if you catch my drift and lately. But she does, however, tell me what I want to hear because I programmed her to answer certain questions like Who's the best person in the world? And she's like, Oh, and is of course, because he is so amazing and wonderful and kind. So yeah, there's that. I've got issues I need to deal with them anyway. Point is gratitude. Journals is being specific and figuring out specifically, What do you want to or what do you have to feel grateful for?